Saturday, January 28, 2006

From the Archives

Bob was kinda strange as a child. Note the funny pants. Of course, it wasn't Bob's fault the front tire was square, Dad just didn't want him to get lost. When he reached the age of 15, he finally graduated to a two-wheeled bicycle. And then he ran away from home and joined the Hell's Angels (he grew up real fast).

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sitting around the Campfire

Kevin and I enjoy sitting around a campfire. We love the ambience, the conviviality, the rapport with friends and family when we see the little fire burning, and burning, and getting bigger, and bigger. AND BIGGER!!!!

From the Storm Archives

A picture of our famous, but distant relatives: Fred, Gary and Benny Storm. If my memory serves me correctly, it was taken during a game of Old Maid and Fred was scratching his head wondering why he was always left with the odd card (he was totally unaware how odd he and Gary and Benny looked). Although back in the early '70s it wasn't uncommon to see men wearing suits, sitting up straight, and having a lot of hair on their faces. I remember taking this picture, and I'm sure we were listening to Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven on the gramaphone. After I showed them this picture, they insisted that I airbrush out the bottle of tequilla that was sitting in the middle of the table. They eventually moved to Los Angeles and became noted disco dancers.

Canoeing Do's and Dont's

Most people portage over log jams. Our intrepid canoeists, Jim and Ger, decided it was easier to stay in the canoe and paddle across the log jam. Even expert canoeists (especially these two) have bad days brain-wise.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

News Flash

Jim's new home. It's not that bad, it does have running water.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Office

This is where I write, think, read, and pretty well, ahem, do everything. It is very convenient and soon I will be installing a fridge/microwave oven/bar/tv unit to make my life even easier.

Financial News

That's Jed (I mean Roy) on the far left. They are discussing Pork Belly Futures. I think they decided to eat pork belly's now instead of the future.

Our hero

But Grannie (I mean Jim) is actually quite content with his lot in life. His demeanor has been okay since the fire. This picture shows only his mood in the darkest days. He has come around and he doesn't snap at one too much now if you speak very quietly.

Newsworthy events

Clem (I mean Ger) is continuing his success in annoying people. I talked to his son Abner (I mean Justin) recently and discovered that he's just as annoying as his father. When Ger and Justin enter a room together most people head for the hills. Warning: Do not laugh at their jokes. This picture was taken during the annual Ugly People's Dinner where they were keynote speakers.

The cute side of the family

Ellie Mae (oops, I mean Julie) is continuing to display her '70s line of clothing. When asked about her (pictured here with Mother Teresa) obsession with that era, she replied "it's cool"

Julie feels she two options in life: She doesn't know what they are, but she knows she has two of them.

(photographers note: The most difficult thing in my career was to get Mother Teresa to hold Julie, I should get an award)

The dark side of the family

Jethro (oops, I mean Kevin) doesn't actually do anything of note. Officially, he works (hah!) for Comfort's Welding but in reality he only exists to give the rest of the family something to talk about. This picture was taken on a Sunday afternoon when he had just thrown an aerosol can into a fire. Note the maniacal look in his eyes. His one contribution in life has been to keep the cat population down.

The Family

The latest sleeze and gossip that isn't fit to print.