Saturday, December 29, 2007

Did I mention how good Julie's Christmas Day meal was? I don't think I've had any better. And I also feel completely comfortable going to Julie's place. Logan is a little annoying - actually no he's not, he's the best and he's always got a smile (mischevious though it is).

Someone bought me three pairs of Toronto Maple Leaf socks. I'm wearing a pair and they lost six to one to the New York Rangers. So it will be a frosty day in hell before I wear them again. I'm certainly not wearing them during a Leaf game. And I wore a Canuck cap the other day and guess who lost? The Canucks.

So myself, Kevin and Tyler now have digital cameras. Guess who isn't going to take pictures? Kevin. Gawd, the three of us were in Grannies today eating and Kevin noticed that someone parked too close behind the Rav. He stood up and was ready to run out of the restaurant and attack whoever did it. He needs to take several hundred anger management courses. He couldn't survive in Toronto, he'd be shot, bludgeoned and stabbed to death fairly quickly. But I can understand it, ooh gawd I get it.

I'm reading sci-fi again. Thank you Julie.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

the family from hell

This is the first time I've published a video on my blog. Let me know if you can see it. It's a short one. So I'm taking a picture on Christmas Eve with my new digital camera and Kevin opens a bottle of champagne and aims the cork at me. Hello. that scared me a bit. I'm going to kill him. When? Soon.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas was good. My family is too good to me in every which way. It's a little overwhelming. I was completely surrounded by the persons I love the most. Even Louie loved me.

Roy and Anna? "yes don" "Can I make a few suggestions on the way you should have brought up your kids, you born them" "Roy is napping at the moment but I'll listen to you" "Anna, Jimmy has a problem". "with what?" "he really hasn't grown up" "that's bad?" "no it isn't and I've never, ever seen him without a smile and I've never heard him say anything bad about anyone" "so what did we do wrong?" "okay I'll give you that, the first one turned out okay, it was a fluke". "Ger seems okay don" "Ger thinks you and Roy ignored him because he wasn't the first" "that's a misconception, I was just a little tired after lugging him around and we took him everywhere, I should have gotten a medal, I didn't have the energy to take pictures" "I don't have to tell this but Anna he's more like me than anyone else" "I should have killed him" "no, meaning he's kind, generous and wierd" "that would be you" "hmm, I remember that you guys were were great parents, so why did you have any more?" "we wanted a girl" "Kevin isn't a girl" "no he isn't" "were you disappointed Anna?" "I was a bit" "So Anna why did you let him get away with pretty well anything he wanted to?" "normally I didn't, they didn't get away with a lot and they worked their asses off but you know Don, you have to give them leeway and Kevin took it like no other kid could do." "and to watch them think they could out-scheme us was fun"

"And then you had Julie, was that fun?" "no it wasn't but it was worth it" "in what way?" "Roy had a daughter and I was finished raising kids" "Anna, my mother held Julie and my mother was a saint" "Don, Julie has been through it all and she's raised three great kids" "and Anna, she's back with who she should be with"

"And how were my sons and daughter on this christmas day?" "well Anna you get them all together with Anita, Kerri, Karry and Brenda and it's going to be a good time. Along with the kids. It's loud, boisterious and tremendously noisy" "but I'm home, and they all make feel so at home, you and Roy would be proud of them"

"we are playing ping pong up here" "okay I'll kill myself and join you soon"

Yay hah,


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hey, my blog just got it's 1,000th hit. Who would have thought?
I'm making spaghetti for supper so I'm into the vino. The beer certainly wasn't going down very well. And the 'Nucks are playing and Terry Rendek phoned and said I don't have to work tomorrow, so life is good. I still have Christmas wrapping to do but I'll do it tomorrow.

I talked to Jim and Brenda last night, it had to be about midnight when they phoned and I have no idea what we talked about. I was up at Kevin's last night and got a ride home with Colin. What a nice new truck he bought, unbelievable.

I had lunch at Jimmy's Pub today and ran into Robin and Karen. They were there with their hockey teams but I did talk to Robin for a bit. They are all going to Donna's for Christmas Dinner. I guess Neil is trying to arrange a ski outing to Fernie in February and Robin would like it if Jim, Kevin, Julie, and Ger and spouses could go so he will probably be phoning sometime in the new year.

I've had a cold or something for the last month or more and have been feeling lousy but I'm feeling better, it could my sinuses or I'm dying. It felt like it at times. Gerry survived, so I guess I will too. So what will 2008 be like for the Storm family? I'm pretty sure someone will drive off a cliff or suffer calamitous injuries of some sort. Let's try to make it until the canoe trip. I may start up a monestary and we'll live in it and never go out. We'll eat bread and drink wine while we play Trivial Pursuit all day. Actually that doesn't so bad.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007's snowing. Do we need six feet of snow for Christmas? Although I see the forecast indicates rain for tomorrow. I guess I must be in Creston. I went to Julie's for supper last night (yummy). I go to the bank today (I had today off) and Colin walks in. And so we had coffee and drove around a bit. In some ways Creston is a little bit like heaven for me.

Although I've noticed there is some wierd people in this town. Quite a few actually. Many. And I still can't get over how nice people are. Unbelievable.

Yes, it will be a Christmas. For all of us it will be quite a gap not having Roy in attendance. I presume no one will let me die for a few years. Hello. Put me on life support if you have to. In a vegetative state if necessary. I really haven't felt that great since I turned forty-two. And that's twenty years ago. All I need to do is get through winter. Think about it. A person is sixty-two so I've had to endure sixty-two winters. Some in Creston, some in Calgary, some in Rocky Mountain House and some in Toronto. Every single one of them was bad. I think I'm a Jamaican. It got mixed up somehow. I love warmth.

Jim: "I hate hot weather, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it." Uncle D: "are you crazy, you *&&^%*&^% person. If you weren't Roy's eldest I'd kill you right now". "In what way?" "a chainsaw" "a chainsaw?" "yes and then fly both halves of your bod over the North Pole and drop both of them onto the tundra." "I don't think there is any tundra at the North Pole" "I'll find some"

"Donald?" "what God?" "Im gonna take you soon, do you have any last requests?" "yes about a million of them" "you get three and I'm being kind" "three?" "And I'm in a bad mood so make it snappy" "I'd like to collect old age pension for forty-five years" "no one has ever done that, why should I grant you that?" "because it will drive all the insurance adjusters crazy" "that would be good, your second wish?" "On my 100th birthday I would like to kill someone" "whom?" "anyone really, I'll be really cranky so it doesn't matter, anyone will do" "And your third wish?" "I'd like to fly" "where?" "anywhere" "whaddya mean anywhere?" "I want to be a bird and fly, south I guess" "you can't fly south" "what do you mean God, all birds fly south where it's warm" "Not all birds fly south" "I want to be a goose and fly in the v formation." "you can't" "why not?" "the problem being Don is that it's all booked up." "I can't fly south?" "no you can go north"

"God?" "yes Don" I don't want to collect old age pension for forty-five years" "no?" "I don't want to turn into a bird and fly south" "no?" "can I can kill someone?" "no" So you want me to stick around here for a while and keep an eye on the family?" "yes" "do I get paid for this?" "oh yes, you will get paid" "how much?" "you will find out, there is no currency in heaven" "but I'm not in heaven yet" "I haven't figured out the Storms yet, Roy, Anna and Marlene are up here making all the angels feel bettter about themselves (which they didn't need by the way)."

"How is Anna God?" "she is a little annoying" "in what way?" "Donald there is no smoking and drinking up here and Anna found the key to the fridge and she keeps complaining about the beer not being cold and she keeps butting out her cigarettes on the pure, white clouds which Mother Teresa is getting annoyed at" "and Roy? "I don't know, he's napping" "and Marlene?" "she's not bad, she's looking after the angel's kids while the angels are learning to hover" "so you don't need me for a while?" "no, look after them down there for a while, it's a little too crowded up here at the moment, we can only take so many Storms at one time" "how are Mom and Dad?" "your Mom is refereeing the annual angel food cake bake-off and your Dad is filing saws for the Late but Great Sawmill Society of the Northern Constellation" "they have sawmills up there?" "no but he made us buy a green chain and it's been noisy ever since"
"God can I give you a heads up?" "certainly" "eventually you are going to be getting Jim, Ger, Julie and Kevin" "so?" "are you sitting down?" "yes" "your life is going to be hell" "in what way?" "Jim is going to want to hunt" "hunt what?" "elk" "that is a different heaven, we don't have elk here" "and Ger is going to want to kill geese" "what's a geese, that's not my department" "and Kevin is going to want to kill cats and dogs" "there is no killing in heaven" "and Julie doesn't kill animals but she cooks them" "we don't cook up here we have take out" "and of course I'll precede them in arrving up there and I'm very impatient, in fact I fly off the handle when I have to use a can opener"
"Donald there is hell" "have you ever turned down a Storm from heaven?" "my hands are tied, I've been informed I can't" "by whom?" "oh their is a Storm on the Heavenly Board of Directors, it's really annoying but He has the final say" "you have a boss?" "it's the new chain of command" "we are doing okay down here, let's keep it this way for awhile, we are not perfect but as the Great Grand Poobah of the Storm family I will vouch for them" "okay but you have no control over them" "true" "you have none, nil, and zero control over them" "no that's true, they wouldn't follow my advice if it hit them in the head" "the point being?" "they are cute, is that enough?" "maybe just this once, have a good Christmas Donald, you deserve it"
"thanks God"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I'm fairly enthustiac about Christmas this year. I get it somewhat. I hear Ger and Kevin being 'grinches' but I think they like it too. I love the family get-together thing. It used be that Christmas was about family, food and frivolity. I think Coco-Cola ruined it, they brought in the cute Santa Claus more or less to the North American public and then the commercialism set in.

Thank you all for making me feel at home,

Sunday, December 09, 2007

So I wear my Comfort Pioneer underwear up to Kevin's and Anita's. Why did I wear longjohns up there? I guess I wanted a heart attack. And several other layer's of clothing. It was warm. Remind me not to do that again.

I could be so wrong, but there might be a new Max. Probably not. I'd hate to see everything I predict happen. I like to be wrong once in a while. So far I've been correct in everything: I can predict the Storms. Are Storms nice? Let me think about that one. I am. But would you want to run into any of them in a dark alley. Yes I guess I would. Bad question. Would you like to have them run the United Nations? Yes. Would you trust then with your life? Yes. Are you a good writer Uncle Don? Yes, but I need encouragement. I need everyone's help. What a presumptious thing to say but I'm pretty good. Jesse from the New York Times thinks I'm okay.

My dialogue between him and me is slighty different between me and you guys. Obviously it would be, I keep abreast of the Broadway shows he reviews. I never know if you all believe me or not and the last thing I care about is if you do or not. I've got a few friends out there. What am I supposed to say? Am I supposed to dumb down? Russ from c-jay in Calgary wants to see me and have a beer. I'm smart and I'd like to show it. I really would like to show it. I don't know how I do that. I'll kill you all first . Slowly. If one adds the usual annoyances.

First of all I kill Jim, and use his bod as a something or another, I'll figure it out;
Ger is the second to go. I think he should be shot or crucified. Whatever the intense pain will be isn't intense enough.
Kevin will be shot, shot, killed, quartered and his bod will be flayed. and his bod will be displayed in a museum in complete agony.
Julie's bod will be used as a recepticle. She's cute so maybe not. I'd prefer to use her head as a bookmark but I don't think that will work. `

Anita and Tyler are very excited about Christmas, I'm pleased about that.

Uncle D

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I thought I would change when I arrived in Creston. But I'm even more clutzy than I was in Toronto. It's too gruesome to explain. Why can't I open a coffee can and pour the coffee into a container without spilling almost all of it on the kitchen floor.

Kerri gave me a crock pot. I made a delicious meal but it's too spicy for me think. It's a cajun recipe I got off the internet. I guess have I should have got the hint when they asked for a lot of red pepper and a massive amount of ginger. It's a chicken apricot meal. It's tastes like cajun food which of course is great but my tastes buds are crying out in pain. I think I'll do beef stew next time. But what an amazing piece of cookery. I'll be using it a lot. And I bought flour. I've never bought flour in my life. It tastes so good, heartburn hotel.

Friday, December 07, 2007

So things are coming out about moi that I didn't know about. Kevin says I tend to fly off the handle when things don't go my way (e.g. doing my seat belt up). Oh yeah, I don't have much patience with seat belts. And both Anita and Kevin say I'm a poor loser. Possibly. I might throw things. But really, I don't know of anyone whom likes to lose. I just take it a little harder than most. Show me a good loser and I'll show you an idiot. When I'm 99.5 years old I'm still going to hate losing (when I'm 100 I'll mellow out).

Saw Justin and Shayna's child tonight. Cutest kid in the history of mankind. And Karri. She is so good to me. And Ger, what a nice (and certainly odd) nephew.

Uncle D's Top Ten Annoyances:

10. Slow drivers (I don't mind slow drivers that much)

09. Clerks in Overwaitea that talk while 6,000 persons are waiting in line.

08. Anita, whom says she is patient, isn't on the road. Hello. See Kevin below.

07. Kevin who will at the drop of a hat resorts to violence when confronted with slow drivers (if you have to be with him in a vehicle, batten the hatches, several times, while driving he's turned the lights off and scared me to death which he seems to enjoy, I get so angry. See guillitine instructions below). I'm putting a time bomb in his stocking which will go off when he tries to scare me again.

06. Tyler, see above altough he's a little bit better. At least he doesn't turn his headlights off in the dark.

05. Colin, see above, although Colin is a little bit better. He hasn't injured me yet. When one is with Colin be prepared for anything. He's a clutz. But he's cute clutz.

04. Guillitine instructions: Put a black head cover over head. Put a muzzle into mouth of guillitinee so the screaming doesn't disrupt the frenzied crowd. Check rope for frays. Sharpen guillitine. Drop guillitine on neck. Pick up the head and display it to the frenzied mob. Put both head and body in a box and take it to morgue. Go home to wife and have a pleasant supper.

03. Walmart, that place is not my thing, never will be.

02. Duke the dog. But he's coming around so I'm sure he will be okay.

01. Me.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stocking stuffers:

I will buy the following:

A patridge in a pear tree: not only have I never seen a partridge, why would look for one in a pear tree? Okay I'll pass that one by.

Two turtle doves? First of all what is a turtle dove? And second of all who would want one much less two of them.

Three French hens: At least this sounds yummy, but I'm not going to France to get three of them. You are all getting a Canadian English hen and they will be alive so good luck.

Four calling birds: I hate fowl now. And anyway, if I knew what they were, I stuff them in a stocking? I hate birds.

Five golden rings: Now we are getting somewhere. Although at gold's prices now-a-days that could cost me $5,498,978.87. How about one golden ring, two silver one and and two bronze ones.

Six Geese-A-Laying: We are back to the fowl thing. If they are laying eggs that's not bad. I've had a goose egg but I wouldn't want six of them laying eggs at the same time.

Seven Swans a Swimming: I have a menagrie of fowl. You are all getting Fench hens, geese, calling birds, swans, etc. Kill them at your leisure. And when you get seven swans in your Christmas stocking don't come grousing to me.

Eight Maids a-Milking: That doesn't sound so bad. How I'll stuff eight of them in a stocking is a good question. What if they don't know how to milk? So much pressure.

Nine whom? Ladies dancing? Can the maids a milking overlap with the dancing ladies? I don't think I can get this many milking maids and dancing girls together at one time.

Ten Lords a Leaping? Hello. Whom would want ten men in a stocking? And leaping?

Eleven Pipers Piping: what else is a pickled piper who picked a porked pickled porkhock gonna do, but eleven of them? agh

Twelve Drummers Drumming: What else are drummers going do do. Presumably they should drum. Twelve seems excessive but what do I know? Drums get on my nerves very quickly. Can we have a picolo in there somewhere? Perahaps a harp? If one stuffs twelve drummers in a stocking I don't think the result will be the best.

I remember this picture being taken, I was annoyed that I was in the middle and Bob briefly quit bawling.
Yes I guess he was cute. Look at Roy and Marlene. There is handsomeness and beauty. And mom of course, egads she was beautiful.
I just spent four hours with Robin. I could see so much Storm in him (a lot of the Douville clan too of course).
This picture may be the most heartwarming of my life, thank you Ger and Ker for sending it to me.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dear Diary (or a to do list):
Logan must be in his socking feet, I thought he was taller than me.I note that I like the colour black. I don't know why but I need the colour black around me. I went to the Bargain Shop (it could have been somewhere else) and I had choice of tan or black. I look better in black.
And then there is the cuties. If those two aren't direct descendants of Storms, I don't know who is.
I just talked to Log on the phone. Imasco Christmas party tomorrow night.
Ger phoned Kev re: me. Hello, I can look after myself although it's nice to be spoiled.
Ger picking me up on Sunday (reminder: kick someone in the crotch).
Kill Kevin at first opportunity - He can be annoying. After having lived at Kevin and Anita's place this summer I side with Anita.
Buy a sharp knife to kill any relative who sings 'O Holy Night"
Rent a guillotine for Boxing Day and use it is to behead anyone whom annoys me, which will be most of mankind.
Kill Jim. No explanation needed.
Use my new pen knife on Ger and carve a tatoo of the Sistine Chapel on his forehead.
Buy a mobile torture chamber and use it for get-away-weekends.
So, I'm going to to be renting, buying and killing. Or not.
Love you all,
Uncle d

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I like this pic. Okay I look grumpy. Someone had to be grumpy in this picture. Justin, Robin, Col, Kev, Ty, Ger and Jim were all annoying me at this point in time I'm sure. I was thinking I could move to Swaheleland and be happier. Or not.

I forgot I had these pics on my computer. That was a good weekend. Note that Kevin and I worked while others relaxed. I know what Julie was thinking: Where am I? Kerry was standing on the railroad tracks waiting for a train to come by probably to catch it or get run over by it. And note Ger. He was carrying the beer cooler and I was following close behind. And let me guess what Kevin was thinking: Oh gawd, the car part is beckoning, I think I'll kill myself but first I'm going to have a lot of alcohol.

As a paid-up member of the Storm Clan (well the oldest), I hereby proclaim a proclamation. We all get a day off tomorrow. Kevin doesn't. He was a bad boy. Most of us do: What spikey-haired kid was the youngest ever to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1990? And what rail route, started in 1983, made its last trip from Paris to Istanbul in 1977.

Safety hints from Uncle Don:

Are you kidding? I'm an accident waiting to happen: stay away from sharp objects, use discretion when talking to Ger; don't use Kevin as a guide; only ask Julie a question if you know the answer; and if you ask Jim a question, be patient because it's going to take a while to get the answer.

By the way, I"m overseeing the clan. You have to change your lifestyle completely. Jim is going to become an accountant, Ger is going to become a gigalo, Julie is going to manage the account of Bill Gates and Kevin will move to Kenya and manage their wildlife cemtre/

Good luck!

There are several persons who need to be on this blog: Shawn and Logan. I'm fairly good at judging persons and they are the best.

In the Storm family, I hope we don't judge. Nice kids I think. I love them and that is all I care about. The black and white photo is my tribute to.....something.

Agh, eek, and a double whammy,

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I'm assessing the damages: A dog has peed twice on my carpet, Col came and went, Ger and Kev talked about work, Julie and Karry arrived and Ger and Julie were annoying while me and Karry kept our heads about us. Yet Ger and Julie kept talking: "we'll go to Cuba or Mexico" Sixteen hundred times they said this.

I'm not saying that Ger and Julie aren't annoying. Well yes I am actually. They are good people until you have to spend time with them. So when I'm kicked out of here someome is going to have to look after me.

So I have set up regulations when coming over:

I can't think of any but...I know one!

Don't foreget that I'm here.

Probably won't happen

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Couln't hazard a guess. There is a problem with Shawn. I want all of us to figure out what it is and stop it. He probably is the instigator but we can't have that. Nope

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Well hello everyone (if anyone is still checking out the blog). I've moved to downtown Creston into a nice one bedroom apartment overlooking the beautiful Royal Canadian Legion building. Well if not beautiful, at least historic (old in other words). A lot has happened since my last blog in August. A new job, a new apartment, a new pain (I think it's in my lower thromboid cortosis area) and hi-speed internet.

Take care everyone, I love you all.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I don't write about cats. But I must mention a cat. Cody. He's not a cat really, He's a furball that shouldn't be alive. Cody: "meow" "you have a feather in your jaws and you look guilty, and what do you do out there when I go to bed" One can't wake Cody during the day. Curled up in a ball. Good though, I suppose. I didn't know cats had brains.

This cat has brains, I'm sitting and relaxing for a bit and this cat is laying next to me and giving me signals about making sure I keep the water up and the catnip at hand. Cody, you are annoying and go to hell, Cats don't listen. Has anyone noticed that?

Remember everyone my e-mail is Not rogers anymore.

Take care all.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

She is a cutie and Jaimie seemed so nice to me. I'm not sure if that is the correct spelling of Jaimie. The cutest relative in the history of mankind. Much cuter than Jim, Ger, and Kevin. Of course that is apples and oranges.

I think Julie and Kerry are buying a house. This news from Ger. It's sounds like a great deal and a win-win situation. If they survive my hanging them from a rafter while they writhe and I use their bodies as puppets in a carnival.

I saw Bob, Robin, Laurie, Ger, Jim, Julie, and Kevin. We are getting there, it's just a matter of time before Donna, Gail and Neil are among us. And of course Leo. One thing I've noticed since I've been here last. Things have changed. It's better.

I'm fairly good at recognizing stupid persons. And you all are. In a good way. Am I the Great Grand Poobah? Yes, what would you like to do with the family, grand poobah?:

"bury them in a garden and use their body parts as fertilzer" "you can't do that uncle don" "if possible hang them all from a forklift while I make a mass grave" "uncle don, you can't do that either" "you are taking all the fun out my life, can I use them as mulch?" "depending" "on what" "the season" "the season?" "yes uncle don, mulch is good in the fall but most of the family will be busy" "

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The family "gathering"

Wow. The great grand poobah got to see Laurie and Robert, Robin and Karen, Bob and Lorraine, Jim, Brenda and Jaimie, Justin and Shayna and Brant. Julie and Kerry and the boys, Dawn and Stacey and family, Ger and Kerri (albeit briefly) and many, many others. I kind of enjoy being in the background and see it all unfold. Well at least I try to be in the background but that doesn't always work.

It was kind of cold on Sunday. Guess who I shared a blanket with? Laurie's Robert, I must admit I didn't think that would ever happen. Bob, Craig, Kevin and the usual suspect (me) stayed up late. After pleading with Bob to go to bed and succeeding, I had to convince Craig to go to bed: "craig" 'yes unce don?" "go to bed" "kevin is still talking" "kevin?" "would you shut up, Craig has to go to bed, I just got Bob to bed, I'm the great, grand poobah, you have to follow my orders"

And then there is the horseshoe thing. After playing against and losing to Robin, I was depressed for several moments. But after watching Anita and Julie demolish them, I resumed my former cheery self. I won't mention any statistics but on Monday, Julie and myself were undefeated and I closed with a ringer and later that day I won darts with a double two out. And tonight I won the game of trouble against Kevin and Anita. I'm clearly on a roll.

Presumably every person in the history of mankind will want to be my partner in the future. "don?" "yes Queen Elizabeth?" "will you be my partner in bridge?" "certainly, how do you play it?" "snooker?" "yay, is that played in an arena with racquets?" "croquet?" "of course, if I can bring my putter".

I have to win once in a while. The great grand poobah has an inferiority complex which needs assuaging by winning. And I note that not one of my family is willing to do a "one for the gipper". 99.999999999999% of families would be quite willing to let the great grand poobah win. Except mine. So every victory I get is well earned.

Not that I'm complaining. I suppose. Well yes I am, you all could be a little more thoughtful of my feelings. Let me win, remember I won't be around a long time so build up my feelings of superiority towards everyone and it will a perfect match. I win, you lose. A win-win situation. And if I do happen to outlive you all, I'll make a memorial. And I'll play Taps in memorium to you all, the losers. Yay hah.

Take care you all. I love you.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I do believe that is Colin and Kevin and Tyler. It was for a dart club outing last year. I'd hate to see what they would do for a Halloween party.
So my question is, we are related to them. Can they be excommunicated from the family? Please.
So the weather looks good for the August long weekend. Tomorrow night we are putting up the tarp and tomorrow aft. I'm going to bike through Wyndel and then to Creston via the Lower Wyndel Road. Biking here is so much different than biking in Toronto. It's good but different. I'm a little out of shape at the moment but amazingly I haven't gained any weight. Today I biked up the Junction Machinery Road, I almost was hot here today.
Take care everyone, and I hope I see many of you this weekend.
I don't know but this could be a good one. I don't know. Being the Great, Grand Poobah, I might use my powers to annoy and/or kill people. I'll decide at the time. If Ger keeps quiet, if Kevin doesn't chew his fingernails, if Jim doesn't exaggerate, and if Julie doesn't buzz-cut me, I should be okay.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So it was nice. I think Justin is cute. Fairly,. quite. I was analyzing, He is a storm. This is Kevin and Anita.
He's good prson,. I think he should be shot, killed and used as sometthing. He is person.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is a pic after we'd strewn Roy's ashes into the Moyie River during the canoe trip. Just after this we hit a logjam. Which me and Kevin got through and then watched Jim and Brenda's canoe belongings float down the river. We jiggered about on the river and saved most of them but our hearts were heavy when we had to paddle up the river in order to reach the rest of the 2007 crew.

Kevin said it's only going up to 16 above on Sunday. Which means we could have one hell of a big thunderstorm on Saturday. I think God (or Roy, or Anna, or John Miller, or Marlene) are having a great time and they just want to remind us that they were pretty good too. And Bob is going to be here. And Jim and Ger and Kev and Julie. Not me. I'm packing my bags. Tuktoyuktuck is good at this time of the year. Death Valley is looking good. The Sahara Desert will be an oasis. Iceland will be my summer home.

And since I'll be the eldest Storm, I charge $5.00 for insights, $6.00 for bright ideas and $999.00 to pick my brain, hopefully with a laser and not a sledgehammer. I also get to pick the games. Four persons in a sack while I pour acid on them while beating them with a crowbar; betting on how long it will take Jim to die while swinging from a noose; having Ger's thyroid gland removed in order to use him as the 'silent talker'; having Kevin appear in proverty-stricking Ethiopia just to show them that we have skeletal persons too; and having Julie just smile. Which means we should head for the hills, mountains, whatever. High altitudes is good. Anywhere to jump from. Preferrably with a good footing. When I jump I do like to have good footing.

With some trepidation I look forward to this coming weekend. My bod is already starting to get into the cacoon stage. I'll have to look after you people. You won't let me, which I resent. If an emergency arises I'll be there: "Uncle Don, you have your head in the sand" "Who got hurt?" "you don't know the child" "is it related to me?" "No, close but not related" "is there blood?" "a little but we cleaned it up". "where am I?" "in relation to what?" "my bed" "that depends" "on what?" "how close you want your bed to be, we are in a forest and I hear coyotes" "who am I talking to?" "Roy and Anna" "oh gawd what did I do now" "we have a bone to pick" "still?" "yes, you had unfinished business when you left for all those years but now we need you to keep the family together" "I don't have the capabilities nor the resources" "you'll find a way" "no I won't" "I've just noticed lately that Kevin is annoying" "you have to get over that" "everytime Jim, Ger, Julie and Kevin can spray me with some toxic waste or even water they do, it get's annoying, although Julie doesn't do it that much, and Justin does it, Col does it, Tyler does it, Jen does it" "you'll get over it" "Anita is annoying sometimes but great"

"you will survive, Don" How?" "be yourself and let things happen, for you it usually does" "this time I will be surprised" "We'll see but thank you for loving our family as much as you do".

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tyler does this and it is very good. But the next few weeks should be good. Except for me. Have chloroform ready. All I can do is be nice. That is what I do.
Ger seems to be ignoring me. And others. But I'm here for a little while. Not much longer so don't annoy me. I'm a true representative of the Storms. Well, the oldest. I'm not that good. I'm ready to kill actually. I'd like to use most of my kin as kindling. Which would work out well. I don't do the burning at the stake (unless it's necessary and needed to be used as a deterent to normality).
Take care you all. I haven't seen Justin, Hello. Ger is gone. Jim is a distant memory. Col hates me. Tyler is insane. Julie is far away, and Kevin is on patrol on the waterline" Well, I'm getting a complex. "uncle don?" "what?" "does anyone love you?" "nope" "someone does" "none of my family apparentely" "Cody does" "that's a cat, by the way the strangest cat I've ever seen, I may kill him" "he's your only friend, you can't kill Cody"
Perhaps I can. But probably not.

Friday, July 27, 2007

That is Tyler and Tiana. They are good persons. In a strange kind of way.But that is a Storm. That is good.

This is the Storm blog. Well hello, We are perfect and I presume I'm great. So I don't think I"m that grreat.

I'll pretend I'm great. Will that work?

Nighty night.

This is a good fire.

And that Shuan, he enjoyed it. That is me in the background wondering if im going to be left.

When one goes on a canoe trip, one loses ones' comb. A fork only comes in handy when one loses ones comb which is annoying. If I didn't know that was me, I'd think this pic of me is an alien of an unknown universe whom has a Bud and has a stash of mustard next to him.

I think Julie had a good time on the canoe trip. And isn't that what it is all about? The Storms do attract something don't they. Natural disasters and bees. If I see one more bee that isn't beneficial to life I'm going to kill it.
By the way I have more misquitto bites per square inch of skin than any one else.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I don't know who that is on the right, but there is Tyler and Col.


I have no idea whom these persons are. I think that is Col and Tyler in the background. The foreground could be anyone. I know I'm not involved in this picture. I might have been totally amazed that Tyler is alive or that I am. No, this is a few years ago. I look like a Bohemian Rhapsody wapped into a sixty year old bod. Or not.
Good stuff

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Well I survived the storm of the century. I didn't think I'd ever see trees flattened like matchsticks. Thank gawd Jim had a chain saw. The blue tarp was ripped off like a rip saw and we stood agape as the forest collapsed around us. Some ran for cover in the open field but a lot of us just stood there and watched tree after tree fall.

I've been through a scary thing or two. So we set off canoeing after that and it was pouring rain Saturday morn. But we did it. Saturday was good, more or less. Ger spilled. If I have to be a baby-sitter it wouldn't be good. Jim spilled. I have to look after him to?

An update on my relationship with Kev and Anita. I'm more or less taking over. Kevin is not capable of functioning as a human being, much less as a father and husband. I've been here two weeks and and I could write a book.

I'm gaining weight. I didn't want to gain weight. I think Bob and Lorraine and Stacy and Dawn are coming down, and children. I hear there might be a family reunion after the long weekend in August but I don't know. Might I note my headache? My headache is worse than most. It pounds.

But I love you all but some I might want to kill some. Those that annoy me are gone immediatlely. I'l use those bods as sources of agony. those that are within throwing distance of being normal but yet slightly abnormal. I'll preserve: uncle don? what? You can't pickle Robin. If he annoys me, I promise I can.

I honest to gowd don't think I will survive. You guys are all so good to me and I don't think I deserve it. Can't wail to see you.


Friday, June 15, 2007


Well, I will notice quite a difference in weather when I arrive out west I see. From the low 30's in TO to the low 20's in B.C. My last day at Market Probe today is going to be tough. I hate saying goodbye, hate it, hate it, hate it. My last bike ride to work (I'm selling my bike to a girl at work today). With my luck I'll get run over.

See ya.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Uncle Don? "are you going to survive the next two to three days?" "no" "howso?" "look at this apartment and take a guess" "take lots of ibuprofen, by the way where did you get all this garbage?" "it's not garbage to me" "by the way, how are you feeling?" "don't ask, I've a headache and I think my right arm is paralyzed" "and mentally?" "my brain feels like a watermellon that has been dropped from the CN tower"

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I assume when I arrive in Creston, a fire will be built. This is a Neil picture of a fire at Kevins.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

This is one of the person's whom I'm moving out to Creston to see: "Gord?" "yes don" "can I retract my resignation notice" "sorry, it's too late"

Has anyone noticed that Lorraine is one of the more attractive persons in the Storm realm. I do. And she has a heart of gold.

Who knew?

Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogie said up jump the boogie. Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogie said up jump the boogie. And this is for the questions that don't have any answers. The midnight glancers and the topless dancers. The gang of freaks, cars packed with speakers. The Gs with the forties and the chicks with beepers

Gail, if we say cheese, Neil will ignore us.

Kim said to Neil: "I'm demure, and I may use your bod as a starting point for a migraine" "moi?" "and I hope you are wearing a jock strap"


They are watching a Thomas the Tank Engine cd. Both Jim and Robin never grew out of it.

Yes even Kevin couldn't believe what Donna said: 'get that camera off me before I use it as a (something we don't want to know about) or I'll put my beer bottle up your (censored).'
It's kind of annoying that I have a family whom I'm afraid of. I've spent the last few years putting them all down (in a nice way). And Ger is nice to me and Kevin isn't. The age-old condundrum: Do I hang Kevin from a rafter or a tree.

Although perhaps no one cares which would suit me fine. That is what I hope for. I'm going to be fragile upon arrival, a mouse will set me off. Don't let Colin near me for a half hour. Gawd I miss Colin. He is cute. I could be wrong but there is a person who will look after me. Not that I'll need it mind you. Yes I will. I blubber when I'm out there for a week, what will I do when I'm out there forever: 'uncle don?' 'yes colin' 'you are blubbering' 'do I have to go back to Toronto?' 'no' 'serious?' 'no' 'this is going to take a while to get used to, I think everyone is mad at me' 'whom?" 'I can already hear the discontent' "where?' "all over, I can tell' "why are you in the fetus position uncle don?' 'I'm getting prepared' 'for what?' 'Kevin is coming home for soup soon and Anita is working and I'm not sure if I should have made the soup hot or luke warm'

In my life, it should be interesting. I don't know, maybe they have a cabin ready for me. I can't see me and Kevin under the same roof. I'd be okay but Kevin would hit the roof: Kev? you are annoying me, sleep somewhere else, I'm oiling my chains, and I sold your tv because I don't like it and I've sent Anita away to learn Japanese ceramics for a week or two. And by the way, on the way home could you buy me herbal tea, chai would be good.

could happen.

Friday, June 01, 2007


You were expecting pictures? I've so many to choose from now that I need a little more time. Like six or seven months. I suppose I could post them all, which I might but I don't think that's feasible. But I should do agree with that old saying: 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

Not only was Roy's Wake held last weekend, but Marlene's ashes were spread on Goat Mountain at a place where she would look at from the kitchen window. As Bob said: "very moving". And a new Storm was born: Brant Roy Storm. I think I missed quite a weekend.

And it's June 1st. It's been quite hot, humid, and smoggy here in TO for the last while. It's pretty bad when one's eyes sting when biking to work and back. And of course I sweat like a pig and need to drink a gallon of water when I get home.

So I'll post pics on the weekend (with perhaps a few words of wisdom (or not) included), and I hope you all have a good weekend.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brant Roy Storm

Father and Grandfather To-be

Actually Justin looks okay, it's Ger whom looks bleary-eyed and somewhat frazzled.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

so I spent the day with greg whom should get a medal for bravery in the line of fire. Why uncle don? Because I'm crazy. In what way? I thought I should dress up today and I haven't slept for three days. Three days? well, quite a long time. What is your normal routine? Up at 4am, breakfast and a bike to work, home at six, bed by nine. So this week off has been quite a disruption. Slightly. You didn't go to Creston to honour Roy. It felt like I did. And you are moving to Creston? Yes. Explain this again, you took the week off, didn't go to Creston, and haven't slept for several days and you talked to Bonnie, Laurie and Derek yesterday and heard Olivia in the background? At Kevins. I know it sounds implausible.

You are mad, completely off your rocker, and in need of mental help. I know that Dr. Morgenstern but what do I do about it. Reduce your alcohol intake, get lots of exercise and pray. I've already done that. You have a problem.
uncle don? "yes?" did you actually talk to Derek, Bonnie, Laurie, Justin and Jaimie yesterday? "it seems so" that's impossible. "that's what I would have thought, and I could hear Olivia in the background, and what's even more improbable Bob and Lorraine were with Kerri in the States" so your heart sings? "oh yeah, and that just tells you how much Roy was loved, and guess what, the knot in my stomach seems to have disappeared temporarily" Temporarily? "well yes, I still have to move and that could cause an ulcer or two or three" so uncle don what are you going to take with you? "I don't know, I'll probably end up arriving in Creston with a guitar and and a backpack, I should have a been a hobo" and a lot of memories of Toronto? "yes, that I'll have, unbelievable really, it's been quite a journey" and you are so quiet "I know, why things happen to me is beyond me, I try to keep under the radar"

uncle don, so what will be your first enactment as the Great, Great Grand Poobah? "the world, universe and several galaxies gets every Mondays off" And then? "I'll have a chat with Ger and Kev" about what? "annoying me" annoying youm? "and I'll point out to them that if they annoy me too much I'll firebomb the lunchroom at Comfort's and change the name of the business to Painfort's" I thought they were cute uncle don? "well they are but I may have to weld Ger to a logging truck which is about to take off for points unknown" and Kevin? "this could get complicated" complicated? "well yes, how does one torture an individual enough whom can raise an eyebrow and make one want to jump off a tall building.

But you will mow the lawn won't you uncle don? "no one realizes how much I'm looking forward to mowing the lawn" what else will you look forward to? "being with Anita and discussing the flora and fauna" As I write this, I feel so inadequate because I'm never going to be able to live up to the Storm/Douville high standards. Not a chance. I can't do it. And especially since I've realized I can write good which is only lately (the last six seconds probably). But I've noticed that in talking to Ger and Kev, my creativeness is better. I need to get out and about again. I suppose biking and being with persons at Market Probe is good but my forte is writing about family. You seem to be doing okay. Yes, but I can't believe some of the things that are happening out there. I've got to be there. In what regards? If I listed them I'd run out of room on the computer. Suffice to say wow.

Yes, Greg asked me how can I move from downtown Toronto to Creston. I had no answer really. How I can tell him that my family is the most precious thing in the world that belies talking about. I've noticed that here in Toronto, they don't quite 'get' it. Okay I slightly might be forgetful (which I'll dispute until I'm buried).

Persons in Toronto don't let me lift heavy objects and/or pamper me a touch. Which I don't mind but really it get's annoying. Is there an opening for a heavy-duty mechanic at Painfort's (I mean Comforts). I love grease as long as I don't get any of it me. Several times I've wanted to hug Ger upon arrival but couldn't: So I will arrive at Comforts on my bike in blue velcro with a helmet on: uncle don, whom are you? I'm your uncle? "you look like a blue popsickle" I resent that, blue is my favourite colour and I'm here to lift some heavy objects, where are they? "out back" "any beer in the fridge, I'll have one while I'm thinking about how long I'll be laid up due to back spasms and external injuries" "and by the way whom is taking me home for supper?" "you haven't lifted a finger yet uncle don"

So I go see Kevin. Kev? what? Ger is annoying so I used a flare nut wrench on his extremities and now he is incapacitated for six or seven years. How are you? I'm busy. You are busy? I'm busy. Let me take notes, in what way are you busy, you look idle to me. I'm thinking. About what? The price of wire cutters in Chicago, by the way, you look like a blue popsicle, what's with the velcro? When I hang your bod from a rafter and use your bod as a training ground for commandos, I'm hoping you will understand while you scream for mercy at the top your lungs.

uncle don? why are you able to write so well about pain? I hadn't thought about it but I presume it's because I have annoying relatives who ask silly questions.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Their could be a better pic of two persons who love each other but I don't know where. And Julie has ten million faults, but that is my niece and she looks awfully cute to me. I don't know how you don't get cute out of Julie. Note Roy's white socks and slippers. I wear grey socks and slippers, I'm slighty more fashion concious. And I now wear slippers at work. I'm the only person whom wears slippers at Market Probe in their history of inception. Me and Roy knew/know how important it is/was to have comfy piggly wigglies''

When I look at this picture, I see a lot of Dad in Roy. Nothing wrong with that, it can be a good thing, I don't know why I grieve so much. I don't have a picture of Marlene (the greatest person in the history of mankind and beyond). My grief knows no bounds because I can understand what you've all had to go through, I didn't want you all to suffer but you have.
If I have anything to do with it (which I don't) not a single one of you willl suffer again. Ever.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

uncle don?: "this had better be important" "in some complicated, insane way, I think your family loves you" "you've been drinking too much, not a chance" "they might" "I'm broke, don't have a dime to my name and if needed I'd used all my nephews' hips bones as a bridge across the tundra" "that hasn't seemed to deter them" "Hi hate neil, robin, jim, ger and kev and several others" "really" "in a cute way" "how can you hate persons persons in a cute way?" "I may be the only person in the history of makind whom can do that" "so you will have to kill one of them in order for your threats to seem plausible, whom do you choose as an example?"

"Justin?" "Justin" "I thought you loved Justin" "Well I do, but I'm thinking of his putrid, bloated bod floating upside down in and among the fronds and a grin comes to my face" "If Justin decides to flee whom would be your second choice be to kill? "It would be easy to say Colin, although I might have already used his bod on a spit at Walmart demonstrating the do's and don't of barbecuing humans, so maybe Tyler" "Tyler" "I thought you loved Tyler" "well I do but I'm thinking of using his bod as an example of how an uncle can torture family but yet receive sympathy from the rest of the world"

"you haven't mentioned Ger, uncle don" "I don't want to be overt, and I haven't yet figured out how to slice his bod up into a million pieces without it losing its charm" "uncle don?" "what" "Kevin has been egging you on lately" "a little, he gives me ideas, I need ideas" "perhaps he's giving you bad ideas" "I can't imagine how, a writer needs new ideas and if it involves torture, I can't imagine that being a bad thing"

"so uncle don, when you move to Creston and perhaps live at Kevin's, how will you cope?" "with whom" "Kevin" "he''s cute isn't he but I assume he'll buy me a large dog with huge fangs dripping with saliva whom I'll train to kill small, white, wiry humans at first sight" "that sounds like Kevin" "it's a coincidence"
"uncle don?" "oh gawd not you again, can't you leave me alone for a moment?" "remember when you were complaining about cold weather?" "maybe" "so Toronto is going to break a record today for heat and humidity and smog" "not a moment too soon" "elderly persons are being carted away in droves and I note your heart is beating at a rapid pace and if your pulse was any weaker it would be non-existant" "I love this weather" "and there is sweat coming out of your tonsils" "I had them taken out" "okay gonads, but you can't complain can you?" "Why can't Toronto ever be moderate, just once, I was freezing two days ago"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've had a knot in my stomach for a long time now, knowing that Roy is going. And as Bob says: "we need to stick together, our ranks are getting thin" So bob is now appointed the Great, Great Poobah because I decline. Bob will be good at it.

Of course, if I was to talk about Roy it would be different than anyone else. "we got a tv bob, Roy bought one?" "yes, he did, they went up to Parsons he went worked all summer and him and Dad came back. Hey, Bob, I missed Roy and Dad so much. and so did you (although you probably didn't know it because you were cute).

I watched Roy a few times in his prime. And so did Mom: "Roy, quit, you're aren't that good" as Roy poked playfully poked mom in the ribs. Only Roy could do that. If I did that, I'd be flung across the hallway. Roy was special. Dad thought those so, Bert thought so, Leo did and Bob and I thought so. Roy looked after us. And Marlene and Mom certainly thought Roy was special.

And so me and Bob watched "what's cooking" from Spokane. I actually remember dad and mom and me and bob listening to radio. We had a big radio and we listened to "the creaking door", the "green hornet" and other radio shows. "mom?" "yes?" It 's Monday, why do you have to iron every Monday?"

I was wierd from day one. Even today, people note how quiet I am and think I'm dumb. I adhere to Dad's theory: "if you don't have nothing to say, why say it" Someone said that to me last week: why are you so quiet don?. I couldn't answer him. Those "in the know" at work get me. I don't think you guys get me, perhaps, I don't do crap. I've spent all my life listening to it. I don't care anymore about that.

But when I hear it, I will continue to listen respectfully, just don't expect me to react. I can detect B.S. from a mile away and when I hear it I tune it out. Everyone can B.S. me all they want. Just know that if I think it's B.S. then I turn you off. You will never notice but my mind will be elswhere and thinking about something else before you can blink. Although my family can hold me at attention:

Unlce don, you have a boring family even though they are cute. They may not be boring. Thank good gawd they are the least boring persons on the face of earth. Uncle don, would you perhaps have them less boring? I'm thinking about it. They aren't quite as exciting as I would have hoped but yet they have a certain cache about them.

Wouldn't that be nice, but they are too boring. Look at Jim for example, I've seen more actve corpses.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The roving reporter

Maybe life will turn out to be the way it should be. It wouldn't bother me to rove when I get to Creston. The old fashioned way, I don't watch tv and I'm terrible at darts but I'm really interested in people, especially if they are related to me. And I'm almost positive I'll bike to Alberta to see Bob and Lorraine and Neil and Kim at least once. They are the lucky ones, they will live far away.

Kevin has put something in my mind. You don't think I won't want to stop in at Comforts and visit with Ger and be ignored by Kevin. And visit with Robin at least once a week while he's 'working' (we all know he doesn't really work). We could have a koffee klatch. And Leo, I'd be at his place and we'd talk about old war wounds. I don't find being sixy-one that old. Sometimes I do. And Robin and Karen are celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary:

"Wow, yes, time does fly. I remember when us kids put on a little party for Mom and Dad's 25th, and they seemed old then. I don't feel old - well, not usually.
We went to the concert at the Rec Center here last night - they had Aaron Pritchett for the Blossom Fest.
We are heading down to Idaho tomorrow for a 4-5 day golfing holiday for our anniversary.
I'm so going to kick someone's ass - not anyone in particular - could be someone just moving out here to God's Country.
Going to get some yard work done today before we take off. Have to pick up Colleen from the airport at 6. She's been in Winnipeg the last week and half at a varsity club tournament and she was asked to stay on for the National team ID camp. Pretty heady stuff.
See you when you get here

I must admit I love family. And of course now Robin thinks he's a good golfer. And I think Ger does to. Can a roving reporter whom can golf circles around them be dispassionate? I'll pat them on the back as I stride off the green. Can a roving reporter be a serial killer? When I golf with Kevin I'm not uptight but get me on the golf course with Ger and all my senses become attuned to competitiveness. It's probably because Kev is n0t a good golfer, he's rather irratic. Kevin is the only person I cheer for on the golf course. In my life, I've never seen anyone hit worse shots. And of course when Kevin hits a bad shot (which 99.99% of the time is off the first tee) he gets mad. Kevin can throw a golf club further than anyone I've ever met: "uncle don?" "yes kev" "can I borrow your one through nine irons?" "why?" "I seem to have an empty golf bag"

And of course one should watch Ger when he golfs. His body english is to be admired. And he's the only person in the history of mankind who can talk while teeing off and hit a good shot. "ger, so you can hit a three wood farther than anyone in the history of mankind, except maybe for Colin, just hit the ball" "maybe I should use a driver uncle don" "this is a par three and it's 98 yards long and you are going to use a driver?" And of course when Ger gets on the green, one wants to bring out a hatchet (in golfing terms, a sand wedge) and dismember him: "ger?" "yes uncle don?" "you are an inch from the hole, why are you reading the green?" "there is a break and I see an undulation" "an inch doesn't undulate unless one is a micro-biologist with a very powerful microscope" "ger?" "yes uncle don?" "are you pain sensitive?" "I'm not sure uncle don" "well you are about to find out"

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Why do dogs seem to like me? Hello. The guys upstairs has got two of them and I drive him crazy because they seem to like me more than him. I wouldn't imagine him being crazy and completely nuts would have anything to do with it of course. This is the best place I've lived in Toronto (old Victorian house, quiet, nice landlord) so I'll regret leaving it. But I do have two insane persons living in the house. But they have always left me alone. I'll miss them.

Why does Jesse Green of the New York Times want my e-mail address when I move? I put him through hell in the last few years. When I get a few beer in me I have no borders. He's rich and he's interviewed every famous person that exists. He's angst-ridden and I'm angst-ridden and I can write words every bit as good as him so no surprise.

Why do I love my family? I'm slightly biased but I think Bob is cute. He can be annoying but so could Mother Teresa. And he's got a heart of gold. And he puts up with me which is good.

Why in the hell do I not mind Ger, Jim and Kev. This is not a new question. I've asked it a trillion times. I'm not a physicist but I have come up with a theory: d=&^ 6+2+1 squared. In laymans terms that means they should be tortured for up to six months before one kills them. And of course one can add Robin and Neil, whom should be tortured for an additional month because they are extra cute.

How will I survive? I won't. I've been given an ultimatum from Kevin: Uncle don you have to quit a bad habit. "which one?" 'we'll discuss it over a toke, cigarette and a beer"

Why do I love Anita: I think she is completely annoying but maybe not. I've really grown to love Brenda, Kerri, and Anita. Especially since I've noticed that Jim, Ger and Kev aging so quickly. I'll need friends.

Why do I think that having Shawn e-mail me and asking when I'd be out there to bike may be the greatest compliment I've ever had: "yeah biking would be alot of fun. I got a bike too now so when you come down maby we can go biking somewhere". It would be tough not to feel good about that e-mail. And it will be nice to see Colin and Tyler. I'm not a 'sittting around the kitchen table and rehashing things that have been said already'-type person. I can survive it but my attention will wander, probably within six seconds. Yay hah. Hopefully there will be deer around. I'll pet them: And then I'll bike to Gerry's: "Ger?" "yes uncle don?" "I've biked over to your place for sanity, hello, it was a little insane at Kevins, and I'm a roving reporter, what have you got to report. Oh my God you've re-done the kitchen in a Spanish motif and you have three flamingo dancers in your hallway" So I'll rove over to Justins. "justin?" "yes uncle don" "any news of note?" "I'm a father" "when can I interview the child and Shayna, it's too bad you are related to Ger"

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bob and Lorraine have decided to put the house on Dalarna up for sale and move out of the city and Bob figures they will be moving next month (which makes complete sense considering the boom Calgary is in). I thought it was kind of weird that two brothers who have lived in a city for so many years, may well end up moving out of the city in the same month and in the same year (great minds think alike, I guess).

But Bob's physical move will be quite different than mine (think day and night, black and white) in every way, shape or form. I won't be bringing much stuff out ((six items or less (probably less), although I will store some boxes at a friends here at a friends)). I don't know if that is a tragedy or a comedy on my part. My guitar comes with me for sure and probably my hard drive, and I'd love to bring my bike but I don't know how I can ship a bike.

And of course our mindsets will be quite different just before we move: Bob: That was a chore, gee it will be nice to relax and get to our new place and relax and enjoy and relax. Don: I can't do this, I'm crazy, whom talked me into this, I can't afford it, maybe I should buy an open-ended return ticket, Jim's mad at me I think, I may be okay to be with in the short term but I'm sure that will wear off, etc., etc., etc.

But hopefully the end result will be the same somehow; we'll both be happier. I don't doubt that I'll be welcomed but I don't see what I've got to offer, it certainly isn't fame and riches. I'm already wealthy in some respects, having Neil e-mail me Kara's e-mails from Thailand is worth millions to me. And his pics and Robin's and Ger's and Bob's. And Shaun asking me by e-mail when I'm coming out there because he's got a bike now. And Robin e-mailing me and telling me how he is doing on the guitar.

But the next few weeks are still going to be quite terrible on me until I actually get there. It's not that I don't want to leave Toronto, it's the idea of the things I must do (cancelling cable, saying goodbye to friends, riding my bike in Toronto for one last time). But it will be done.

Embarrassing moment

Sheesh I just had an embarrassing experience on the way home from work this afternoon. I was merrily biking up Parliament Street from the beer store (since it's Friday) with 18 beer in my backpack and I got to Wellesley (the street I live on) and was about to turn right when the light changed and a horde of people started to cross Parliament and Wellesley. And so I came to a screeching halt (I wasn't paying attention because I was almost home and I was a touch tired) and as I put my foot out the backpack changed positions (because of the beer) and because of the sudden weight re-alignment, I went right down on my ass. That wasn't the worst of it. It was the horde of people trying to help me up in the busiest intersection in this area. And because I had this heavy backpack still on I was totally helpless lying on my back (I felt like a turtle) and so I needed a horde of people to help me up. The last comment made was by this old guy who was brushing me off: "that must have been quite a shock". As I slowly biked the two remaining blocks to home, I was thinking: 'no, no that wasn't a shock, I've done worse, I'm way passed being shocked by what I do'. And I always thought the old adage that 'most accidents happen close to home' only applied to automobiles. I guess I was wrong.

Another letter from Kara in Thailand

Today I am in Auythaya, the old capital of Thailand, we arrived this morning at 4:30 by night train, and I hardly slept at all because the air conditioning was SOOO cold, brutal! Im going to die when I come home! Anyways this morning we looked at some old budha relics/temples that were destroyed in the wars, its was pretty interesting, but we saw a whole pile and after a while they all kind of looked the same. Tommrow at like 7am we leave for the bus for a 4hr ride to another town where we are going to see some sort of WWII site which should be sad but good. And then the next night or that night I'm not sure were going to stay on a bambook raft. Then on sunday night we're going to be back in Bangkok to join up with 2 other people and lose 7 of our current tour friends, as we will be starting the Southern tour. I'm pretty excited, it sounds a lot more slack and a lot less travelling which will be fantastic to stay in one place for more than 1 night. A lot of beaching on the white sands and I think i'm going to buy all of my souvenirs/ gifts there as well so I have less distance to carry it.

If there are any requests please tell me before Sunday as I will probably use the free internet in Bangkok before the 2nd tour starts. Oh yeah thanks dad for the id number, I sent him an email so hopefully everything works out. To answer your questions if I can remember them all, yes its still humid here. Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai were not as bad, almost cool considering the weather here. Ayutaya though is brutally humid, not as hot as Bangkok but definately way more humid, I feel like im breathing in Water and strange scents. The trek was AMAZING, everything is absolutely gorgeous, I loved it. The first day we were hiking was intense though, I have never sweat from every limb and pore in my body before. MY Forearms were dripping! It was like having a shower, SOOO WET! when we got back we did laundry and I felt awful for whomever got stuck doing ours cause I'm sure it all reeked! Oh yeah they don't have any coin laundry here, mostly you pay to have them do it for far we've paid 70 and 100 baht for our laundry. Not too bad I suppose. Sometimes its hard to tell if your getting ripped off or not. The second day of the trek it rained alll day which was not that awful because it was a lot cooler, and the third day we got to ride elephants!

I can't wait to show you the pictures, it was wonderful! Anyways I need to go. My mp3 is hopefully done charging, I hope everyone is doing well!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day! And you know whom you are. Especially to Anita, Lorraine, Dawn, Julie, Donna, Gail, Brenda, Kerri, Kim, Karen, Kristin, Jennifer, Shayna (mother-to-be, if it hasn't happened yet) and others whom I've probably forgot to include. I especially want to mention Lorraine, Anita, Kim, Kerri, Brenda, Karen, and Shayna and I will certainly include Jennifer whom have chosen a Storm/Douville person to be with. That took guts. Of course love may have had something to do with it but hello. I think you should all receive a medal and trip to an exclusive spa. I love you all dearly. This is the one blog posting where I won't put down my blood relatives. But they are so easy pickings. Certainly they are cute (especially Bob, Jim, Ger, Robin, Neil and even Kevin) but looks aren't everything. But has anyone noticed Bob has a huge forehead. He was spoiled as a child: "Marlene and Anna, I exist" "out of the way donny we have to change bobby's diapers" And Robin's head used to be bigger than the rest of his body. And Ger was not only fat as a child, he was cranky. I had to talk Anna down from jumping off the rock bluff several times. Neil was cute I must admit, he was somewhat like bobby, he grabbed all the attention and it was odd to see him without the mustache. Jim was cute too. He didn't look like a hunter/gatherer when he was little, although the camouflage diapers should have given it away. Kevin was also cute. He perfected the look I still get from him by the time he was two: one eyebrow arched and a bemused smile on his face while he's watching me about to throw a dart, thinking: is uncle don an alien, what solar system did he originate from?

I don't eat out often, but this morning I went out for breakfast. Bacon, eggs (easy over), rye toast, potatoes done like only a greasy spoon can do, two pancakes with syrup in a bottle so I could use as much as I wanted, fried tomatoes (never had that before) and coffee. And then I wore it off with a nice bike ride.

You know what I've been craving lately? BBQ'd ribs and baked potatoes with sour cream and cole slaw. I must admit I love Anita's cooking and when Ger and Kerri invite me over for supper I'm in heaven. Good food! And we won't mention Jim's cooking, scrumptious. And Greg, a friend here in Toronto, is an artiste in the kitchen. I used to watch the food network but of course I quit that. Has anyone noticed that they quite often make something that you can't buy in a normal grocery store. I've never seen Rosemary Shrimp in a grocery store. And what is a shallot? I really love sushi. I could eat sushi pretty well every day. There is no bad sushi. Dawn and Lorraine love it too. I think Anita likes it too. But it's really not something one can make, of course one can but you know what I mean.

I was out there in January. It seems like a thousand years ago. Perhaps you all can tell I love writing. But I just don't feel like writing if I can't write about family. I have a gift but if I can't have fun using it, what's the point? And I need some new fodder for my mind which means I guess moving out there and sitting back and observing. I will ship my hard drive out to Bob's and a few other items (guitar, my Brew'N Go coffee maker). I travel light. This is terribly an egotistical thing to say but my mind will be with me. It might be my one and only asset.
I have a problem. Kevin was nice to me this weekend on the phone. The only time Kevin is nice to me on the phone is when something bad is going to happen to me. I've had a relatively bad weekend because my boss, whom I thought loved me, is just one of those money-grabbing annoying persons. I thought Gord was okay, but obviously I was wrong. He sent me home early on Friday. And he doesn't want me to work Monday. Although I almost never work on Monday, it's the idea of the thing. I was rejected. Perphaps I wasn't the only one but I take it personally. I should be immune to rejection by now: "hi kevin" "click" ringy, ringy "but I'm dying and I only have six or seven minutes to live" "click" I think kevin is the only person whom could hang up on Mother Teresa.

I must admit that it was nice to have Shawn e-mail and offer to bike with me. It's a ruse I'm sure. And yes, talking to Julie last night was fairly okay. But when Kevin was nice to me on the phone I pretty well knew I'm doomed: Hi uncle don "whom?" "may I speak to Kevin" "this is Kevin" "whom?, I'd like to speak to The Kevin whom I'd like to use as an example for birth control" "I thought I was cute uncle don" "nope" "not a teeny weeny bit?" "nil" "slightly?" "a little maybe, it's a good thing you are small and wiry, why can't you be nice once in a while, so I phone you at wierd times, there is a three hour time difference"

Speaking of wierd, there is Ger, and I should be shot. So I phoned Ger last Saturday while he was re-doing his house: "Ger?" "hi uncle don" "are you busy?" "no, I'm just pulling the rafters down" "okay" ringy-dingy "Ger, do you mind me?" "I love you uncle don, whoops the foundation is about to topple" ringy-dingy "Ger, should I move down there?" "yes, the I-beam is sticking through my torso" ringy-dingy" "Kerri, how are you, is Ger still breathing?"

I suppose it would be okay to have Anita look after me. She probably doesn't want to. Not that I'll ever need much looking after. I don't like to make a fuss or muss. But just to have a woman around would be quite nice. I have no idea what Kev and Anita have planned, they'll probably want me to live in West Creston. I won't be adverse to having Kev and Anita around. If they will have me, it's pretty well guaranteed that Kevin will never have to lift an arm around the house and/or yard. The grass will be cut. I'll add an extension to his house if he wants.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I must admit this works. I think Kev actually read my blog. I had no idea. Yay. And yes, Jesse is from the the NYT's and he is impressed with me. And Shawn has a bike, if only I can impress upon him that it is nice to bike.

the next month

Everyone in the world has problems but I wish it was July 1. I've got so many things going through my mind ger and I don't even know if I will survive. I have been in Toronto twenty-five years. I'm never going to be a rich person, never. But I think I am a blessed person, as you know, but I worry too much. And I only have to worry about me which is one good thing.

I tried to explain that to a friend last night. I couldn't. And it doesn't need explaining anyway. But from day one I could tell that I had 'special' family. How does one explain Marlene and Leo and Roy and Anna. It's pretty well a guarantee that the kids will be the cutest in the history of mankind: "mom" "what?" "jimmy is here" "yes" "roy and anna have no, nil and not one whit of knowledge about raising a child, especially one whom has his own recipe for pablum" "and marlene and leo?" "Laurie is a cutie but she's already organizing my ironing"

"donnie" "yes Mom" "kill yourself now" "now?" "now" "why?" "because they will all annoy as you approach old age" "not Robin" "yes, in spite of his big head or small body (I'm never sure which), he'll annoy you" "not Ger" "yes, in fact roy and anna fed him lard for the first three years of his life, hence tubbo" "but kevin and neil are quite cute" "do you like pain?"

There is one advantage I've got over every single person in the world. I'll walk down to the highway and hitchhike back to Toronto (while trying to avoid Kevin laying in the middle of the highway while semi's are whipping by). Okay, okay when I'm there this time, I'm there for good. "unlce don, why don't you unpack your bags, I need to wash your clothes" "here's a hanky, Anita" Anita is not the one I worry about, I think she is the cutest and nicest person in the history of mankind.

It's too late back now, but Kevin's coming home to nap is not going to work for me. I'm up at four in the morning. I'll get up at the crack of dawn and make coffee and sit out on the deck and play the radio while I read and and think about cutting the lawn. He'll need a three hour nap. I have no idea, when I come there for a week I sleep in. But I'm sure when my bod adjusts, I'm gonna be looking for work very quickly. I like reading, but (knock on wood) you are getting me at a good time. Eight months ago: not so. I'm wondering how I will aclamatize. I'm fairly uptight and I think when I get out out there I'll just want to relax and unwind for a day or two. Throw a few darts. I'll send my important stuff to bob's (computer, guitar, and a few boxes) by fedex and I can get that whenever.

I cannot imagine me being at Kevin's just relaxing for week thinking that I don't have go back to Toronto. At the moment that is beyond me. I presume it will take a long time for that knot in my chest to disappear. On the other hand, being with family could make it go away quickly: "ger?" "yes uncle don" "don't smile" "why?" "because you're blinding me and I need you to make me a trailer for my bike so I can go into town and shop, and make it look really cool" "but how can you bike up the hill uncle don?" "unlike you guys I can walk up the hill with my bike, that would unbelievably fun for me, my dream is to impress you guys and I don't know if can, I talk the talk now, I just hope I can do it this summer, it seems I have a lot of good will built up, I don't want see any of it eroded" "you don't have to impress us uncle don" "I know, I just want to feel good at the end of the day"

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kara is in Thailand

Hey Don Q. Storm,

Thought you might like this. Kara and two friends are in Thailand right now. She left on Friday, May 4th and returns to Calgary on June 4th.

This is the latest email from her.


Subject: Thailand!!!

Hey Everyone, I think this is the last time I can email for a while. Im leaving for Chiang Mai tonight by night Train, which should be pretty exciting. Last night we met the other tour people and there are really nice, most of them are older, but very experienced so thats a good thing to have. This morning we saw a temple here in Bangkok. Beautiful and massive, there was this HUGE statue of a leaning, golden budha. And everything was colourful and bright and the architecture is pretty interesting. Haha now I sound like a man! Anyways then we went on a river boat canal tour around, quite neat to see, a little upsetting to view their standard of living, but they all seem to be quite pleased with it. Very cheery, smiley people! Anyways I need to go, talk to ya guys. .definitely in a week or so, but im not sure if it will be sooner than that! Miss everyone! See you soon!


Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday ramblings

I wonder if any other family has an uncle whom gets up at 4am and makes coffee, has a shower, reads the news/sports on the Internet, writes about how the medieval torture instruments would be suited to his nephews, has a breakfast of ham, scrambled eggs, toast with peanut butter and marmelade and bikes a fair distance to work and arrives at least on hour early so he can work on a crossword puzzle......and then have Joanne, his boss (and whom he's secretly in love with but whom has a husband called Ollie whom he presumes is six foot nine and an Adonis and whom could beat him to a pulp if necessary (not that it would be)) bet said uncle two pitchers of beer that said uncle wouldn't make it to work on Monday. Said uncle resents that, but said uncle will be at work on monday morning if it kills him. Said uncle will collect on this bet........I'm listening to a CD that I haven't listened to for so long, it's a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young compilation that a friend put together for me a long time ago. Nice to hear it again, for me listening to some of their songs is like rewinding parts of my past life and playing it again, for example, Neil sings 'rock and roll is here to stay, it's better to burn out than be here to stay', in some way I think we would all agree that if Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Hank Williams, Buddy Holly would have lived a long life, they would have been shuffled off by now to just small footnote in the history of rock and rock.....Roy did comment once on this blog, when I was out there the time before last: "the last few posts on your blog haven't been that funny don" I was thrilled, to have someone who is the only one I know who has read more books than I have only mildly criticize me was nice, and for him to have read the blog was even more special.....I certainly don't mean to single out Ger because Roy and Anna needed a barge and a crane to take him to his crib and Marlene and Leo had to build a special crib just to accommodate Robin's rather large head. These things aren't well known in the family, you didn't know that?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Medieval torture

I have a problem. I have a sudden urge to inflict pain upon certain family members. Actually it's not sudden, the urge has been with me for quite some time. I don't know if anyone is into medieval torture. I am.

Thumbscrews come to mind: Justin? "yes uncle don?" "can I borrow your thumbs?"

Jim? "yes uncle don?" "would you step into the Iron Maiden, don't worry about the spikes that will penetrate your bod from head to toe when I close the door"

Robin? "yes uncle don?" "would you put your chin on the lower bar of the Head Crusher while I put the 'cap' on the top of your head and turn the screw, anyway your head needs to be smaller"

Neil? "yes uncle don?" "could you get on the Rack while I pull your bod in opposite directions, you always wanted to be six foot nine, so you're going to be six foot nine"

Colin? "yes uncle don?" "do you mind if I put you in this iron harnessy thingy called the Judas Cradle and lower you very, very slowly onto the pointy thingy, don't worry about screaming, the castle keep is soundproof"

Ger? "yes uncle don?" "I've always wanted to use the Heretic's Fork, I'm just going to thrust prongs into your chin and sternum, don't worry that you won't be able to move your head and/or talk, the world will be a better place"

Kev? "yes uncle don?" "would you get on the Wheel, don't worry that your bod will turn into a writhing, slimey, shapeless mass of flesh mixed in with splinters of smashed bones"

Tyler? "yes uncle don?" "I presume you won't mind when I impale you by lowering your bod on top of this Pointed Stake and impaling it through your abdomen and chest cavity, it will be uncomfortable for a while"

Uncle vlad, I mean don? "yes?" "I thought we were cute" "you are so I won't leave your bods to rot that long, only a couple of millenia"

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Not a soul in Creston thought that the Canucks would win last night.

Amazingly, no one has complained to me about Alain Vigneault. I think he's brilliant but you see him more often than I do.

I got so annoyed that TSN and other 'experts' wrote off the Canucks after game one: "Anaheim will win in four" Mr. Vigneault is a good coach, I knew that he would never let that happen. I hope now that they think they can win. If they get that idea in their head they will be unstoppable.

The game is on.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Unlike Creston, in Toronto you don't see many conifer (pine, larch, cedar or spruce) trees so when the buds on the elm and oak trees in front of the house that I live in start to bud I get excited. In the last few days it's happened. In the winter I don't even note they exist but in the late spring, summer and fall they are fairly prominent. And in this neighbourhood, which is probably one of the oldest in Toronto, and I suppose Canada for that matter, they can be quite stately. But this tree across the street from me, which I think is a black oak, is different. The trunk at the bottom is huge and then about thirty feet up five large branches branch out and then in another twenty feet, more branches branch out, and so on. At the top there has to be five hundred branches, all reaching the same height, at about five or six stories high. In spring that tree goes from being the ugliest specimen of a deciduous tree to being awesome. I find it quite an amazing transformation. Mother Nature, aye.

I hit a wall at 3:45pm today. Not literally of course, but I ran out of energy. Completely. From 3:45 to 5:00 I was running on fumes. It was Friday, I'd kinda worked hard all week, and I was looking forward to my first cold beer. Normally I love to bike home on Fridays with the adrenelin flowing and my legs a'pumping but not today. It was still good but it was nice to get home and relax.

I haven't seen much playoff hockey. The only series I can watch is the NY Rangers and Buffalo. I refuse to watch the Senators play and I'm in bed before anyone out west starts to play so I'm limited in my choice. I'm secretly hoping the NY Rangers upset Buffalo but don't tell anyone. You know who will be in the Stanley Cup final? Anaheim and Ottawa. I'd watch cricket before I'd watch that match-up. In fact I'd watch the first round of the over 65 year old sumo wrestling championships (wouldn't that be an ugly sight?) first.

I used to be the worst person in the history of mankind as far losing. And I haven't changed much. My competitive spirit is still alive and well. I don't mind losing to family members actually. That is not a problem. But at work it's a problem. I gotta do better than anyone else. One would think it would wear off eventually. I presume family members would let me win in whatever game I was playing: "uncle don?" "yes?" "you are cheating" "I don't even know what game I'm playing" "it's called Crazy Eights Pass the Ace" "I should pass a two?" "Only if you have wild card" "which is?" "it depends" "on what?" "if you passed an eight previously and used it as trump, it could be a queen or king" "any beer left?" "no uncle don, it's very simple, think majoong with several tiny changes"