Monday, July 24, 2006


Next year no fun allowed. This aged and decrepit body won't survive. I can survive the canoeing and staying at Kev's without a prob, it's the writing about it that is the killer. I don't think I slept this last weekend and if I ate I'd be surprised. I'm not a spring chicken anymore. Imbed that thought in your minds. Be boring for my sake if not yours.

Of course being out in Creston for just a week is probably not long enough to judge. I'm sure if I spent a week plus one minute out there I'd be be bored to tears. Maybe not. Thank you all out there. This person felt completely honoured to write about you all.

And don't worry, I've still got lots of thoughts running through my head. I'm not finished writing about that week yet. I'll probably bore all you to tears. I'm slightly worried because I'm not sure we can top that week. I sure can't imagine how.