Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've had a knot in my stomach for a long time now, knowing that Roy is going. And as Bob says: "we need to stick together, our ranks are getting thin" So bob is now appointed the Great, Great Poobah because I decline. Bob will be good at it.

Of course, if I was to talk about Roy it would be different than anyone else. "we got a tv bob, Roy bought one?" "yes, he did, they went up to Parsons he went worked all summer and him and Dad came back. Hey, Bob, I missed Roy and Dad so much. and so did you (although you probably didn't know it because you were cute).

I watched Roy a few times in his prime. And so did Mom: "Roy, quit, you're aren't that good" as Roy poked playfully poked mom in the ribs. Only Roy could do that. If I did that, I'd be flung across the hallway. Roy was special. Dad thought those so, Bert thought so, Leo did and Bob and I thought so. Roy looked after us. And Marlene and Mom certainly thought Roy was special.

And so me and Bob watched "what's cooking" from Spokane. I actually remember dad and mom and me and bob listening to radio. We had a big radio and we listened to "the creaking door", the "green hornet" and other radio shows. "mom?" "yes?" It 's Monday, why do you have to iron every Monday?"

I was wierd from day one. Even today, people note how quiet I am and think I'm dumb. I adhere to Dad's theory: "if you don't have nothing to say, why say it" Someone said that to me last week: why are you so quiet don?. I couldn't answer him. Those "in the know" at work get me. I don't think you guys get me, perhaps, I don't do crap. I've spent all my life listening to it. I don't care anymore about that.

But when I hear it, I will continue to listen respectfully, just don't expect me to react. I can detect B.S. from a mile away and when I hear it I tune it out. Everyone can B.S. me all they want. Just know that if I think it's B.S. then I turn you off. You will never notice but my mind will be elswhere and thinking about something else before you can blink. Although my family can hold me at attention:

Unlce don, you have a boring family even though they are cute. They may not be boring. Thank good gawd they are the least boring persons on the face of earth. Uncle don, would you perhaps have them less boring? I'm thinking about it. They aren't quite as exciting as I would have hoped but yet they have a certain cache about them.

Wouldn't that be nice, but they are too boring. Look at Jim for example, I've seen more actve corpses.