Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day! And you know whom you are. Especially to Anita, Lorraine, Dawn, Julie, Donna, Gail, Brenda, Kerri, Kim, Karen, Kristin, Jennifer, Shayna (mother-to-be, if it hasn't happened yet) and others whom I've probably forgot to include. I especially want to mention Lorraine, Anita, Kim, Kerri, Brenda, Karen, and Shayna and I will certainly include Jennifer whom have chosen a Storm/Douville person to be with. That took guts. Of course love may have had something to do with it but hello. I think you should all receive a medal and trip to an exclusive spa. I love you all dearly. This is the one blog posting where I won't put down my blood relatives. But they are so easy pickings. Certainly they are cute (especially Bob, Jim, Ger, Robin, Neil and even Kevin) but looks aren't everything. But has anyone noticed Bob has a huge forehead. He was spoiled as a child: "Marlene and Anna, I exist" "out of the way donny we have to change bobby's diapers" And Robin's head used to be bigger than the rest of his body. And Ger was not only fat as a child, he was cranky. I had to talk Anna down from jumping off the rock bluff several times. Neil was cute I must admit, he was somewhat like bobby, he grabbed all the attention and it was odd to see him without the mustache. Jim was cute too. He didn't look like a hunter/gatherer when he was little, although the camouflage diapers should have given it away. Kevin was also cute. He perfected the look I still get from him by the time he was two: one eyebrow arched and a bemused smile on his face while he's watching me about to throw a dart, thinking: is uncle don an alien, what solar system did he originate from?

I don't eat out often, but this morning I went out for breakfast. Bacon, eggs (easy over), rye toast, potatoes done like only a greasy spoon can do, two pancakes with syrup in a bottle so I could use as much as I wanted, fried tomatoes (never had that before) and coffee. And then I wore it off with a nice bike ride.

You know what I've been craving lately? BBQ'd ribs and baked potatoes with sour cream and cole slaw. I must admit I love Anita's cooking and when Ger and Kerri invite me over for supper I'm in heaven. Good food! And we won't mention Jim's cooking, scrumptious. And Greg, a friend here in Toronto, is an artiste in the kitchen. I used to watch the food network but of course I quit that. Has anyone noticed that they quite often make something that you can't buy in a normal grocery store. I've never seen Rosemary Shrimp in a grocery store. And what is a shallot? I really love sushi. I could eat sushi pretty well every day. There is no bad sushi. Dawn and Lorraine love it too. I think Anita likes it too. But it's really not something one can make, of course one can but you know what I mean.

I was out there in January. It seems like a thousand years ago. Perhaps you all can tell I love writing. But I just don't feel like writing if I can't write about family. I have a gift but if I can't have fun using it, what's the point? And I need some new fodder for my mind which means I guess moving out there and sitting back and observing. I will ship my hard drive out to Bob's and a few other items (guitar, my Brew'N Go coffee maker). I travel light. This is terribly an egotistical thing to say but my mind will be with me. It might be my one and only asset.
I have a problem. Kevin was nice to me this weekend on the phone. The only time Kevin is nice to me on the phone is when something bad is going to happen to me. I've had a relatively bad weekend because my boss, whom I thought loved me, is just one of those money-grabbing annoying persons. I thought Gord was okay, but obviously I was wrong. He sent me home early on Friday. And he doesn't want me to work Monday. Although I almost never work on Monday, it's the idea of the thing. I was rejected. Perphaps I wasn't the only one but I take it personally. I should be immune to rejection by now: "hi kevin" "click" ringy, ringy "but I'm dying and I only have six or seven minutes to live" "click" I think kevin is the only person whom could hang up on Mother Teresa.

I must admit that it was nice to have Shawn e-mail and offer to bike with me. It's a ruse I'm sure. And yes, talking to Julie last night was fairly okay. But when Kevin was nice to me on the phone I pretty well knew I'm doomed: Hi uncle don "whom?" "may I speak to Kevin" "this is Kevin" "whom?, I'd like to speak to The Kevin whom I'd like to use as an example for birth control" "I thought I was cute uncle don" "nope" "not a teeny weeny bit?" "nil" "slightly?" "a little maybe, it's a good thing you are small and wiry, why can't you be nice once in a while, so I phone you at wierd times, there is a three hour time difference"

Speaking of wierd, there is Ger, and I should be shot. So I phoned Ger last Saturday while he was re-doing his house: "Ger?" "hi uncle don" "are you busy?" "no, I'm just pulling the rafters down" "okay" ringy-dingy "Ger, do you mind me?" "I love you uncle don, whoops the foundation is about to topple" ringy-dingy "Ger, should I move down there?" "yes, the I-beam is sticking through my torso" ringy-dingy" "Kerri, how are you, is Ger still breathing?"

I suppose it would be okay to have Anita look after me. She probably doesn't want to. Not that I'll ever need much looking after. I don't like to make a fuss or muss. But just to have a woman around would be quite nice. I have no idea what Kev and Anita have planned, they'll probably want me to live in West Creston. I won't be adverse to having Kev and Anita around. If they will have me, it's pretty well guaranteed that Kevin will never have to lift an arm around the house and/or yard. The grass will be cut. I'll add an extension to his house if he wants.