Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Green Bum Award

Many families enjoy gardening. Anita really loves it. I try to stay awake while she describes her yard. And it is pretty good.

So to Anita the Green Bum Award goes to you ths month. With your dedication, I'm sure the Green Thumb Award is soon to follow.

It's never been clear to me what these birds have to do with anything in Creston. Tyler, after noting my wallet was bereft, gave me his wallet with the inscription NWTF on it. I presumed that meant No Way The Fowl.

No Uncle Don, it is a celebration. "of what". "turkeys". "turkeys?" "so why aren't we out on the lawn killing them". "Because it is federation and they have door prizes and they eat roast beef" "roast beef?". "yes" "not turkey?". "nope". "So Jim and Ger are attending the Turkey Federation and are going to eat roast beef?" "yes uncle". "why is the turkey federation meeting being held in Cranbrook Tyler?" "because there is too many turkeys in Creston and none there". "I've got it now, so that means the lack of turkey is good?". "uncle don don't be stupid, they are trying to grow them there". "turkeys?". "Uncle Jim calls them fowl". "fowl?" "Uncle jim wants the name changed to the Federation of Fowl". "not the federation of turkeys?". "no uncle Don, Uncle Jim likes the word fowl". "But it's a turkey". "Uncle Jim told me it was a fowl and I believe him".

"how is uncle Jim, Tyler?". "not bad". "has he got big stomach?" "yes". "what about Ger?" "cool". "would you want to eat beef at a fowl party with Ger and Jim Ty?". "I'm not that stupid Uncle Don".


Jim hasn't sent me a photo of the 'real' Britney so I substituted a phoney one. The real Britney is cute and now is a young lady. I could be wrong but the bird and Max loved me the most.

At least they used to, after a year they probably have forgotten about me by now. But when one comes from afar and see's the love in their eyes it's tough to ignore.

Perhaps the 'real' Britney has forgotten that I will never jump on the trampoline. Eek, maybe I will this one time. But I will watch her forever.