Saturday, May 13, 2006


It has come to my attention that I'm on an e-mail list of several unidentified (Kerri and Julie) sources who continue to send me "cute" pics and perportedly 'funny' jokes. The Crabbyshack doesn't appreciate these.

Karri doesn't do it often and besides she looks awfully cute in a bikini so I'll forgive her just this once. But Julie has confirmed to me that she is either adopted or being held hostage in her own mind.

No true Storm clan member would send "cute" pics to another Storm clan member. It's not done. The Storm family has values to uphold. And referring to my STORM FAMILY VALUES manual (which was written by our dearest and oldest Storm family member Claudius the Noxious) I note a clause that says, quote: a member of the Storm clan can do anything in the world except send 'cute" and/or perportedly 'funny' jokes to another member of the Storm clan. The clause goes on to say that is perfectly okay to dismember them, maim them, hang them above a hot fire by the ankles for seven days, etc, etc. The normal things.

A Storm tribunal is discussing the matter. Julie (aka specimen X) may have to submit to a DNA test. The tribunal may take all the blood out of specimen X and remove any 'cute' chromozomes and replace them with the required 'crabby' chromozones.

Until then specimen X, I mean Julie, is under watch. Any more cute behaviour on her part will be reported to Donald The Crabby IV.