Saturday, February 11, 2006

Don's Lament

The clouds are a coming
The winds are arising
The endless highway is ahead
And I've lost all my tread
Only 174 kilometers to go to reach a phone
I must phone God and pick a bone
Why did You allow me go on alone
When I could have stayed home and done the atone
If I survive this I promise I will always be good
And never be crabby and sit there and brood
I'll love everyone and think they are smart
Although there will be a few I'll worry about
I'm hungry and thirsty and tired too
Gawd help me I'm stupid and where is the loo?

A Family in Crisis

This is a picture of the survivors of the 'great snowstorm of '93'. It was taken in Kevin's basement just after it was discovered that help wasn't on the way. Some members of the family received second degree burns when they had a toot and brushed against the furnace, several others were maimed when Colin (the cute little boy in the front row standing in front of Kevin) threw darts at them, and quite a few became ill when Tyler (the adorable baby sitting on Anita's lap) threw up on them. Max finally saved the day by getting underfoot causing Kevin to scream so loud that rescuers were able to locate the house using hearing-ear dogs (they didn't have seeing-eye dogs back then).