Saturday, June 24, 2006

The First Storm Clan Blog Reunion

In the summer of 2007, the Storm Clan is getting together. They don't know it yet but they are. Roy, Bob, Don, Jim, Ger, Julie and Kev and all family thereof. In 2008 we'll ask the Douvilles, maybe. One step at a time.

It could be at Kevin's, I think that would be good. It would be a long weekend where Kevin could see how cute Olivia is and Graig and Latka (sp) and the baby is. And just to have Lorraine there would be blessing. And to see Julie and Julies' boys.

I'll go down there for a week and someone will say fuck off Uncle Don because I don't like him/her. If that happens, I will come back to Toronto and not a soul will hear from me again.

I think it is a special family. I'm reaching out to Bob and Julie because if they can't make it then there is no use having a reunion.

Predictions for the Canoe Trip

First the facts:

Jim and Ger will have everything under control while Kevin and Anita will fret all week and will both wish I wasn't coming down because it's too much pressure on them. And because they really have nothing to do with anything because Jim and Ger will have done it all, they'll forget something really important. It's a given.

Colin will smile and make me happy.

I will look at the women and lust after them (I'm approaching 61 so I can do that).

The liquer will be gone when I get up in the morning.


Pretty well anything will please me. Spagghetti, cheeseburgers, shrimp (and I'm not talking about Kev), chilli. Wow.


Saturday morning (1:07am, sitting around the campfire): "wow, where am i, who are you and does life have any meaning, oh hi Ger, am I dreaming?" "this is for real this time Uncle Don, I hope you won't annoy the Storm Clan this year". "ger?". "yes uncle don?" "why is that river babbling?". "because it likes you". "really, will I kill Kev tomorrow?" "it depends". "on what?". "on whether you go to bed" "oh, true, well just one more ger and then off to bed, how come you are still up?" "because I'm the designated uncle watcher". "which uncle are you referring to?". "vous". "moi?" "oui". "I resent that".

Sunday morning: "hey tyler, I feel so good this morning, I'm glad Jim appointed us to make breakfast this glorious Sunday morning, do you know where the spatula is?". "uncle don we need to find the eggs first and the stove". "that is important, any idea about the bacon?" "no uncle don but shouldn't we make coffee?" "where's the liquer ty, we'll have a shot of that and go from there". "I found it uncle don". "Yay, and of course you know this and I know this, so when uncle jim gets up we must pretend we are trying to make breakfast". "yes I know uncle don, jim would no more let us make breakfast than us flying from here to Toledo". "ssh, he might hear us, here he comes". "where's breakfast, where is coffee?". "uncle jim we were going to ask everyone how they liked their eggs, sunny side up, or easy over?". "give me that spatula Ty, you are holding it wrong". "uncle don?" "yes ty". "we will get credit for this won't we". "of course, isn't nature grand when Uncle Jim is in charge of it"

Monday morning: "Kev?" "yes" "where are we?" "in B.C.". "I"m getting hungry and I need a campfire, why did you take that turn when no one else did?" "because I'm cute". "Kev that excuse is not gonna do it, you have to get us out of this aquarium". "aquarium?" "yes, we've been followed by oricinus orcas (killer whales) while we go around in circles, and you said to paddle left with vigour and so I did". "uncle don?" "yes". "I didn't mean with that much vigour". "oh".