Friday, August 10, 2007

I don't write about cats. But I must mention a cat. Cody. He's not a cat really, He's a furball that shouldn't be alive. Cody: "meow" "you have a feather in your jaws and you look guilty, and what do you do out there when I go to bed" One can't wake Cody during the day. Curled up in a ball. Good though, I suppose. I didn't know cats had brains.

This cat has brains, I'm sitting and relaxing for a bit and this cat is laying next to me and giving me signals about making sure I keep the water up and the catnip at hand. Cody, you are annoying and go to hell, Cats don't listen. Has anyone noticed that?

Remember everyone my e-mail is Not rogers anymore.

Take care all.