Saturday, December 02, 2006

Just when I assumed my family had forsaken me and had forgotten that I ever existed, someone sends me something to post. Just under the wire: I'm on top of this tall building and I'm ready to jump. As I'm about to jump my cell phone rings, "Uncle don?" "what, you've interrupted my flow" 'neil sent you a picture of him amidst the mountains" "Is he cute before I jump?" "he likes to live on the edge a bit" "Okay I'll look at them"

Back to the tall building and ready to go: "uncle don, ger sent you pics". "am I in any of them?" "several" "only several, I'm jumping" "but the main pics are of youm" "meem?" "the good ones" Okay I'll delay jumping for a day or two".
Three days later: 'grumble, sheesh these stairs are getting tough to climb, I'm not getting any younger, grumble, they won't let me take the elevator anymore because of an insurance clause, grumble, I must do an analysis to find out the height/pain/splat ratio, maybe I can find a medium tall building. Although the little cars and little people look inviting': "uncle don?" "what now, I'm not taking calls" "it's Bob" "Bob whom?" "yourm brotherm" "hi don how are you doing?" "I'm okay although my back is acting up and the vertigo is getting to me, what is the viscosity of pavement?" "it doesn't give much, I suggest you land on a hay wagon as it's going by" "I don't see any at the moment" "By the way Don why do you want to jump from a tall building?" "no one loves me, I'm angst-ridden and I'm getting up there in age" "I've got pics for you to see" "How many?" "Enough to last you for at two weeks, if not more" "Thank good gawd, I need to get away from climbing stairs for awhile"
"after our talk i checked the blog out.Good job,as always!!!! As i scrolled the previous journals i read the one with my Grandmother --Grace Storm. It is really easy to forget the most terrific people in this world.I remember her just like it was yesterday-(yes i know it sounds like a cliche ) But she was truly an amazing woman -- the homemade ice cream, and just the overall love that she showed us was unforgettable--i miss her ..She would be proud to see how well her 3 boys have turned out,and that family is and always will be # 1..The fact is Marlene and Grandma were cloned.I miss my Aunt too..
Gotta go ---to emotional----love ya ----your mother loves you too and we know that she still guides us!!"

Thank you Ger,

Me and Bob need the above I think. Mom had a great impact on me and Bob even though she didn't live too long.