Friday, February 23, 2007

Weekend forecast

Many Torontonians thought winter might be over early this week when it was so mild. Not the pessimistic moi of course. And so yesterday it snowed harder in a half period than I've ever seen it snow before in my lifetime. There were snowballs coming down, not flakes. The gods were having fun and throwing snowballs at us, I presume. And this morning it's -8 with gale-force winds which probably makes it -49 with the windchill. But tomorrow it will get up to -1 and be sunny all day.

Calgary looks nice with mostly clear skies and highs of around zero for the weekend. In Cranbrook it will be mild with a high of +5 for Sunday but with rain or snow showers. And Creston will also be mild with highs of around +5 and rain showers. The snow must be disappearing fast in Creston.