Sunday, June 18, 2006


No one is allowed to read this blog anymore. Pretend I'm not here. Thank goodness I renewed my subscriptions to Psychiatry Today and Nut-House News. Is it too late to make amends with all the family members whom I have insulted? And the problem is I'm probably going to get worse. So I would suggest you drown me when I'm out there: a golden opportunity like that doesn't arise too often.


I'm glad this isn't a pic of Anita. Anita is too nice to be shallow. I've been around the block several times and met billions of people in my life and Anita is one hell of a good person.

The Storm Clan doesn't deserve people like Anita but thank good gawd they are part of the family. And when I think of Lorraine, Brenda and Karri a smile comes to my face. Amazing really, how some (not mentioning any names) members of the Storm clan can be so lucky. Just think of Bob, Jim, Ger and Kev (mentioning names) and remember they are fairly clueless. And I'm trying to be nice.

The Storm Clan was blessed. With the exception of Ger and Justin. And I just eek out a living. I'll paddle I guarantee you. Will I be in a canoe with Kev? If that happens I will have a good time. That wouldn't be a bad thing. I don't mind him actually. I"m sorry to say he is my favourite person in the history of mankind. Which is saying something because he does not deserve that distinction. Actually he does. He understands me and he gets all my jokes and I get his. By the way I don't do tokes. I get carried away and forget who I am. It's important that I know who I am. I'll kill Tyler and Colin who will smile at me while going down the river. Anita and Tyler may be the first ones rammed.

Can I reiterate again. I don't do tokes. I could but then I'll forget Jennifers name and look at Jim and think he can cook. And god only knows what Ger and Kerri will be up to. I presume Karri will be taking off her clothes which I won't complain about one iota. And don't let Karri-man have a toke. To this day, I've never had so much fun watching someone be so funny who isn't trying to. That is what life is all about.

I can paddle. I'm old but I can paddle. If Kev tells me to paddle, I'll paddle. Kev took me through some good rapids last year and I've never been so happy in my life. Ever. If Kevin will put up with me, that weekend will be good. And to see Anita and Tyler and Jim and Brenda and Ger and Karri. But don't give me a toke. I'm listening to a song by Ralph Stanley: Don't mess with me baby. Oh god, I can paddle and toke too. I have in the past not been very good at toking up. Hopefully I won't wonder off into the wilderness never to be seen again.
Happy Fathers Day Jim, Ger, Kev and Bob!!