Saturday, May 26, 2007

so I spent the day with greg whom should get a medal for bravery in the line of fire. Why uncle don? Because I'm crazy. In what way? I thought I should dress up today and I haven't slept for three days. Three days? well, quite a long time. What is your normal routine? Up at 4am, breakfast and a bike to work, home at six, bed by nine. So this week off has been quite a disruption. Slightly. You didn't go to Creston to honour Roy. It felt like I did. And you are moving to Creston? Yes. Explain this again, you took the week off, didn't go to Creston, and haven't slept for several days and you talked to Bonnie, Laurie and Derek yesterday and heard Olivia in the background? At Kevins. I know it sounds implausible.

You are mad, completely off your rocker, and in need of mental help. I know that Dr. Morgenstern but what do I do about it. Reduce your alcohol intake, get lots of exercise and pray. I've already done that. You have a problem.
uncle don? "yes?" did you actually talk to Derek, Bonnie, Laurie, Justin and Jaimie yesterday? "it seems so" that's impossible. "that's what I would have thought, and I could hear Olivia in the background, and what's even more improbable Bob and Lorraine were with Kerri in the States" so your heart sings? "oh yeah, and that just tells you how much Roy was loved, and guess what, the knot in my stomach seems to have disappeared temporarily" Temporarily? "well yes, I still have to move and that could cause an ulcer or two or three" so uncle don what are you going to take with you? "I don't know, I'll probably end up arriving in Creston with a guitar and and a backpack, I should have a been a hobo" and a lot of memories of Toronto? "yes, that I'll have, unbelievable really, it's been quite a journey" and you are so quiet "I know, why things happen to me is beyond me, I try to keep under the radar"

uncle don, so what will be your first enactment as the Great, Great Grand Poobah? "the world, universe and several galaxies gets every Mondays off" And then? "I'll have a chat with Ger and Kev" about what? "annoying me" annoying youm? "and I'll point out to them that if they annoy me too much I'll firebomb the lunchroom at Comfort's and change the name of the business to Painfort's" I thought they were cute uncle don? "well they are but I may have to weld Ger to a logging truck which is about to take off for points unknown" and Kevin? "this could get complicated" complicated? "well yes, how does one torture an individual enough whom can raise an eyebrow and make one want to jump off a tall building.

But you will mow the lawn won't you uncle don? "no one realizes how much I'm looking forward to mowing the lawn" what else will you look forward to? "being with Anita and discussing the flora and fauna" As I write this, I feel so inadequate because I'm never going to be able to live up to the Storm/Douville high standards. Not a chance. I can't do it. And especially since I've realized I can write good which is only lately (the last six seconds probably). But I've noticed that in talking to Ger and Kev, my creativeness is better. I need to get out and about again. I suppose biking and being with persons at Market Probe is good but my forte is writing about family. You seem to be doing okay. Yes, but I can't believe some of the things that are happening out there. I've got to be there. In what regards? If I listed them I'd run out of room on the computer. Suffice to say wow.

Yes, Greg asked me how can I move from downtown Toronto to Creston. I had no answer really. How I can tell him that my family is the most precious thing in the world that belies talking about. I've noticed that here in Toronto, they don't quite 'get' it. Okay I slightly might be forgetful (which I'll dispute until I'm buried).

Persons in Toronto don't let me lift heavy objects and/or pamper me a touch. Which I don't mind but really it get's annoying. Is there an opening for a heavy-duty mechanic at Painfort's (I mean Comforts). I love grease as long as I don't get any of it me. Several times I've wanted to hug Ger upon arrival but couldn't: So I will arrive at Comforts on my bike in blue velcro with a helmet on: uncle don, whom are you? I'm your uncle? "you look like a blue popsickle" I resent that, blue is my favourite colour and I'm here to lift some heavy objects, where are they? "out back" "any beer in the fridge, I'll have one while I'm thinking about how long I'll be laid up due to back spasms and external injuries" "and by the way whom is taking me home for supper?" "you haven't lifted a finger yet uncle don"

So I go see Kevin. Kev? what? Ger is annoying so I used a flare nut wrench on his extremities and now he is incapacitated for six or seven years. How are you? I'm busy. You are busy? I'm busy. Let me take notes, in what way are you busy, you look idle to me. I'm thinking. About what? The price of wire cutters in Chicago, by the way, you look like a blue popsicle, what's with the velcro? When I hang your bod from a rafter and use your bod as a training ground for commandos, I'm hoping you will understand while you scream for mercy at the top your lungs.

uncle don? why are you able to write so well about pain? I hadn't thought about it but I presume it's because I have annoying relatives who ask silly questions.