Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dear Diary (or a to do list):
Logan must be in his socking feet, I thought he was taller than me.I note that I like the colour black. I don't know why but I need the colour black around me. I went to the Bargain Shop (it could have been somewhere else) and I had choice of tan or black. I look better in black.
And then there is the cuties. If those two aren't direct descendants of Storms, I don't know who is.
I just talked to Log on the phone. Imasco Christmas party tomorrow night.
Ger phoned Kev re: me. Hello, I can look after myself although it's nice to be spoiled.
Ger picking me up on Sunday (reminder: kick someone in the crotch).
Kill Kevin at first opportunity - He can be annoying. After having lived at Kevin and Anita's place this summer I side with Anita.
Buy a sharp knife to kill any relative who sings 'O Holy Night"
Rent a guillotine for Boxing Day and use it is to behead anyone whom annoys me, which will be most of mankind.
Kill Jim. No explanation needed.
Use my new pen knife on Ger and carve a tatoo of the Sistine Chapel on his forehead.
Buy a mobile torture chamber and use it for get-away-weekends.
So, I'm going to to be renting, buying and killing. Or not.
Love you all,
Uncle d