Friday, February 03, 2006

Reflections on nature

Nature. Each and every member of Roy's family has their own feelings about nature. In his prime Jim challenged nature and became a local legend in his own mind. Ger, on the other hand, doesn't need adventure, he loves water, fish, sand and sun. Consequently most people think he is weird. And Julie. Did we define nature? Does it have to be outdoors? I may or may not have seen Julie watering a plant once. And then there is Kevin. Kevin is one with nature, as long as he is the only one. I took this picture when I was scouting sites for my ashes to be scattered. It's in New Zealand but whoever is delegated to scatter them must adhere to certain principles when he/she is standing on top of the rock bluff with the urn in hand: be sombre, my ashes will be crabby; have a beer in hand even if you don't like beer, my ashes will thank you; don't stumble or my ashes will kill every bone in your bod; and finally burn the letter from The New Yorker telling me my article is finally accepted.