Friday, October 20, 2006


We can all think of a thousand stories. May I just bring up one?" "jim, I'm going to inventory something, somewhere, do you want to come?" "okay" So I had to find this remote wellhead somewhere. I thought I could make it. Of course it was raining. As my job as as inventory accountant I was well used to get used to getting stuck, but this was a challenge. Stuck, well we have to walk back. We walked for a long way and finally found a farm. I think I got Jim to go ask them if they could help us. Think the movie Deliverance. But we got this tractor to pull us out. It worked. We got the car unstuck and continued on our way and found a major highway. And then we had a flat tire and the spare tire was flat. "Jim, go knock on that door over yonder and ask them if we can use the phone to call CAA". He did and we was rebuffed. So after walking for miles and getting a pull from a tractor in the middle of nowhere, here we were standing on Highway #2 and a thousand cars going by and nobody would stop to help us. Finally someone did, but I've never been so discouraged about mankind as I was that day.
Uncle Don's top ten list of thing's he loves about Jim:
10. If one add's up the trillion pluses and the trillion minuses, Jim ends up being a plus (using creative accounting).
09. He once made me a big martini (chilled and the perfect amount of vermouth).
08. He's cute (if one is blind in one eye and can't see out of the other).
07. This is getting difficult, it was easy to do the top ten for Kev and Ger because they are tremendously annoying, but Jim is actually kind of nice, in an annoying kind of way. Okay I got it: He takes after Roy.
06. Not that that is a problem mind you: "where are we Kev and Ger?" "uncle don, we are talking to Jim and Roy, in the middle of boredom heaven" "is that a good thing?" "it is a good a good thing if you are on speed"
05. "can Jim last a day without a nap?" "are you kidding, he can't last an hour without a nap" "how does he nap at work?" " he finds ways"
04. "so I can't put anything on the blog that might annoy persons, and I love Jim, how do put it delicatley that he's boring?" "tell him he's stupid, annoying and doesn't have a brain" "Ger I can't do that, he'll be annoyed at me" "but the delicate sounds so much better then". "okay".
03. Why am I spending more time on Jim than Ger and Kev. Because I might hurt his fragile ego. Can we talk about this? You can talk to anyone in the history of the Storms/Douvilles and I don't think anyone would describe Jim as having a fragile ego. Tip: don't bring up his navy days. If you do then be prepared for hell. And if he get's talking about submarines, head for the hills.
02. I'm kidding of course Jim. We all look up to you. With respect. You can dodder too if you must.
01. Maybe Jim is the most special one of all time, maybe.


For sure everyone in Creston will recognize this picture. Ger took it during Justin's and his recent goose hunting trip. What a picture! When I first looked at it, I thought: 'that looks like geese walking along the shore there'. Of course it isn't I presume, although stranger things have happened in the Storm Clan.
Top ten things (out of order I'm sure) I love about Ger:
10. I'm not going to be bored in his presence.
09. He likes beer too.
08. He's a typical virgo, angst, doubt and looks inward like crazy. That's my boy!
07. He can sing like a lark and knows the words.
06. He's the funniest person in the history of mankind when he's explaining to me Karri's canoe exploits and trying to talk me into canoing with her next year in the back of a van.
.05. Am I halfway there?: Ger's not perfect: Hello. He's a Storm. If one used a yardstick to measure Storm's, Ger would be on one end of it. The other end would be boredom, and that is not my thing.
.04. I feel comfortable around Ger. I don't get many opporunities to be with him and it is a special thing when I do.
03. I'm feeling uncomfortable talking about Ger like this. Because I'm sure he would be. No he wouldn't. I'm slightly biased of course, but no, he's not bad. I wouldn't put him in the category of 'great". He's up there.
02. He's got two of the greatest kids of history of mankind; and
01. And he is the special of the special, maybe.

Field and Stream

This picture looks like one out of Field and Stream magazine. But it can't be, that's our Justin. Amazing, amazing pic Ger! I should just stop here and publish this without further comment.

Ha! Not much chance of that happening.

Justin looks like he just stepped out of an Eddie Bauer catalogue. I had the odd idea that there was a touch of deprivation involved in goose hunting. The tent you see there is just to keep the booze hidden from the geese overhead, Ger and Justin actually slept on 20 inch thick foamies in the back of Ger's truck.

"Dad" "yes Justin?" "why do I have pose to for this picture, I wanna shoot some geese?" "be patient my son, I need the perfect light"