Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Sunday Morning Test

I'm drinking coffee and musing about life in general and I'm thinking: can I write anything funny on the blog without having a beer in hand? Nothing is coming to me. Yawn. Well one or two occurances do come to mind.

Col walks into camp and asks: "is Tyler here?" "no" and then he walks back to the highway. Hello. That caused a bit of a stir. And of course Uncle Don, whom only visits The Storm Clan once a year, completely realizes that everything will work out and why get too excited. The family whom actually lives there year-round gets excited. "Ty's dead" "he's been run over by a semi" "I can't take a day off for the funeral" Hello. When will anyone out there realize that these things happen when The Storm Clan gets together? I can predict that winter will arrive and funny things will happen on the July first weekend. Two certainties. And it certainly doesn't hurt that Ty is somewhat odd.

To almost everyone in the world, this would not be a compliment. But I look at Ty and think: He's got a mind like me. And he's quiet. He sits back and observes the world and stores the information. He's got it all figured out. Because the rest of the family certainly doesn't. I can predict with precision the day, the time, and the second when Kev will wonder away from camp. Everyone is saying: "where's Kev? where's Anita? we should worry" Hello. Doesn't it ever occur to anyone in the family that this is a rite for them? I know it's weird but it is what they do. At least now (finally after these many years) Kev doesn't walk to the highway and lay down and wait for a semi to run over him. Even I was annoyed at that. His semi-consciousness has finally learned not to wonder too far away. I don't why Kev would hide under Justin's truck. Some things even I can't figure out.

But that's what makes the canoeing trip special. Some things one can predict but mostly not. Things happen and to this old world-weary uncle, it's a renewal of what I like best about the world. I sit back and enjoy the ride.

Damn, I guess I don't need a beer to write about family. In unison: clap, clap, clap.