Monday, May 21, 2007

The roving reporter

Maybe life will turn out to be the way it should be. It wouldn't bother me to rove when I get to Creston. The old fashioned way, I don't watch tv and I'm terrible at darts but I'm really interested in people, especially if they are related to me. And I'm almost positive I'll bike to Alberta to see Bob and Lorraine and Neil and Kim at least once. They are the lucky ones, they will live far away.

Kevin has put something in my mind. You don't think I won't want to stop in at Comforts and visit with Ger and be ignored by Kevin. And visit with Robin at least once a week while he's 'working' (we all know he doesn't really work). We could have a koffee klatch. And Leo, I'd be at his place and we'd talk about old war wounds. I don't find being sixy-one that old. Sometimes I do. And Robin and Karen are celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary:

"Wow, yes, time does fly. I remember when us kids put on a little party for Mom and Dad's 25th, and they seemed old then. I don't feel old - well, not usually.
We went to the concert at the Rec Center here last night - they had Aaron Pritchett for the Blossom Fest.
We are heading down to Idaho tomorrow for a 4-5 day golfing holiday for our anniversary.
I'm so going to kick someone's ass - not anyone in particular - could be someone just moving out here to God's Country.
Going to get some yard work done today before we take off. Have to pick up Colleen from the airport at 6. She's been in Winnipeg the last week and half at a varsity club tournament and she was asked to stay on for the National team ID camp. Pretty heady stuff.
See you when you get here

I must admit I love family. And of course now Robin thinks he's a good golfer. And I think Ger does to. Can a roving reporter whom can golf circles around them be dispassionate? I'll pat them on the back as I stride off the green. Can a roving reporter be a serial killer? When I golf with Kevin I'm not uptight but get me on the golf course with Ger and all my senses become attuned to competitiveness. It's probably because Kev is n0t a good golfer, he's rather irratic. Kevin is the only person I cheer for on the golf course. In my life, I've never seen anyone hit worse shots. And of course when Kevin hits a bad shot (which 99.99% of the time is off the first tee) he gets mad. Kevin can throw a golf club further than anyone I've ever met: "uncle don?" "yes kev" "can I borrow your one through nine irons?" "why?" "I seem to have an empty golf bag"

And of course one should watch Ger when he golfs. His body english is to be admired. And he's the only person in the history of mankind who can talk while teeing off and hit a good shot. "ger, so you can hit a three wood farther than anyone in the history of mankind, except maybe for Colin, just hit the ball" "maybe I should use a driver uncle don" "this is a par three and it's 98 yards long and you are going to use a driver?" And of course when Ger gets on the green, one wants to bring out a hatchet (in golfing terms, a sand wedge) and dismember him: "ger?" "yes uncle don?" "you are an inch from the hole, why are you reading the green?" "there is a break and I see an undulation" "an inch doesn't undulate unless one is a micro-biologist with a very powerful microscope" "ger?" "yes uncle don?" "are you pain sensitive?" "I'm not sure uncle don" "well you are about to find out"