Sunday, May 21, 2006

The San Andreas Fault

Kev is the only family member whose face will adorn The Storm Clan blog twice. There is not enough space in one comment to cover all his faults.

Has anyone but me noticed that he doesn't actually know the correct way to start a fire. I'm sitting quietly and patiently with beer in hand waiting for him to unload the pallets off the pickle and he just takes his sweet old time getting the fire started.

And he cheats in darts for gawds sakes. How low is that? He has a homing device in each of his darts. The only reason why he loses once in a while is because he looks at Anita with loving eyes and gives her his darts. That is true love.

And he doesn't bike. He wouldn't know one if he saw one. I will broach the subject of him purchasing a mountain bike and biking with me when I move out there someday. I will be looked at with complete and utter disdain. But if my past history in Toronto is any indication, he will do it. It will be a challenge but I'm quite confident I can talk him into it.