Friday, October 06, 2006


One knows when things are happening when I talk to Leo. What a delight that was. I hope Leo won't mind me mentioning that him and Carol are moving into a lovely place overlooking the valley. This weekend he is moving with Robin's help and the whole family I'm sure. And I also promised Leo that when I'm down there next I will see him. I will do that.

A post mortem

"psst, Dad I didn't know deer could climb trees". "Neither did Uncle Jim obviously". "I thought Uncle Jim was the 'great white hunter'". "He is when he hunts alone".
"So Dad we are hiding behind this bush and the deer is looking at us for assistance". "It is a quandry isn't it?" "Dad, that is the ugliest-looking deer I've ever seen, maybe we should shoot it". "True but then it would fall on Uncle Jim and his ego would be bruised". "Only his ego" "mainly".
"What's Uncle Jim looking at Dad?" "Lunch, he's worried about a possum eating his cabbage rolls, beaf stew and chicken pot pies" "Dad, we have eaten pretty good haven't we" "Oh yeah, walk over slowly to the campfire, stir the stew and complain about the taste, Uncle Jim will come running".