Sunday, June 04, 2006


You can tell that is Bob by his short hair. He is the only person in the history of mankind who wishes he was bald. When he enters his second childhood he will be well-prepared.

Lots of cuteness in this picture (except for the bald guy and his son Hairy).

Sunday Morning Editorial, Part II

Eek. Jim and Ger have e-mailed me, Kev doesn't think I'm that bad, Bob thinks I'm okay and Jesse of the New York Times has even decided that I'm worthy. This all could go to my head and I might think I'm special.

I'm not at all used to this and so I'll need a come-downance soon. I won't go so far as to say I should put up a tent or make breakfast, but I could pour my own coffee. I still feel hard-done by, by the way. After unsuccessfully trying to throw up last year and staggering to get a coffee, all the liquer was gone.

And the first day hint: It will take me a little while to acclimatize myself from being in downtown Toronto to downtown bush so if I seem weird just ignore it. Since most of you ignore me anyway that shouldn't be too difficult. And put me to bed very early, I'll have a couple of beer perhaps but don't let me get carried away. I'll take after Brenda and Karri-woman, although that may be difficult since they will probably be in bed before I get there.

And last year Karri-man was disruptive. He kept us up all night. Thank gawd I've got two old fogies (Jim and Ger) to look after me. I don't know if it's possible to hitchhike in the middle of nowhere but with those two looking after me, I might have to try it. And can I have lunch on the Saturday without having one foot in the grave? It really is difficult to eat Anita's shrimp with one leg in a foxhole.

I'm done, yay hah. You probably figured out by now I love you all. I'm so completely and utterly lucky.

A Sunday Morning Editorial

The Storm Clan has finally someone whom I actually love. Anyone who would send me a an e-mail to wit: "(I) put down plastic and then wheel(ed) 70 wheelbarrow loads of rock up from the driveway to the side of the house --now finally i am putting down some terrific looking rock that i found up the Summit and which i hauled 5 loads home and probably need 3 more."

Me biking sounds lame in comparison. And especially since I just plugged in the frying pan and not the coffee pot and smoke is billowing around me. But I am a Virgo too somehow.

Although Ger is annoying, he has got an amazing, creative streak in him that makes me proud. And actully, when I think about it, so do Kev, Jim and Julie. I guess that is why I have stuck with them all these years, I completely feel comfortable around each and every one of them.

Although Jim can be really annoying. Don't get him talking about his navy days. And Ger is okay except don't get him and Justin together unless one has headphones on so one can tune them out. And Julie is not that bad. Other than being completely cute and having a mind like mine (which must be difficult), Julie can be annoying too. Kev is not a member of the family I don't think. Roy won't admit it but I'm pretty sure Kev was adopted. Someone put this little bundle of something on Roy and Anna's doorstep and they felt obligated to take it in. Too bad really.

One final comment: I was kind of thrilled yesterday when Bob couldn't get his Blackberry or whatever it's called to work. He tries to do the the Messenger thing with me and it hasn't really worked for him so far. Can anyone imagine Bob sitting at a campsite, sitting around a campfire, with birds tweeting around him, and having his latest toy not working? There is a God in heaven after all. But don't tell Bob that. Sssh.