Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kara is in Thailand

Hey Don Q. Storm,

Thought you might like this. Kara and two friends are in Thailand right now. She left on Friday, May 4th and returns to Calgary on June 4th.

This is the latest email from her.


Subject: Thailand!!!

Hey Everyone, I think this is the last time I can email for a while. Im leaving for Chiang Mai tonight by night Train, which should be pretty exciting. Last night we met the other tour people and there are really nice, most of them are older, but very experienced so thats a good thing to have. This morning we saw a temple here in Bangkok. Beautiful and massive, there was this HUGE statue of a leaning, golden budha. And everything was colourful and bright and the architecture is pretty interesting. Haha now I sound like a man! Anyways then we went on a river boat canal tour around, quite neat to see, a little upsetting to view their standard of living, but they all seem to be quite pleased with it. Very cheery, smiley people! Anyways I need to go, talk to ya guys. .definitely in a week or so, but im not sure if it will be sooner than that! Miss everyone! See you soon!