Friday, August 25, 2006

An Eulogy to Max (revised)

How to find the words to describe Max is not easy for me. I've never before had man nor beast want to follow me around and look at me with so much love and so much trust. Max did not have reservations when he loved someone, he just loved them.

A huge part of the 'life' of Kev, Anita, Col and Ty has been spent with Max and they loved every moment of being with Max.

Although Max may have had a different opinion. Has anyone spent an evening with Col, Ty, Kev and Anita watching the Vancouver Canucks?. And how many of these evenings must there have been? At the beginning Max is thinking: 'Yay hah, wow, I'm in love with these people, they are fun, they are exuberiant'. Even after a year or two Max is thinking: 'Not a prob, I'm here, I'll get fed good if go along with it, keep it cool Max and go with the flow, I'll bark at the proper time' At year three Max is thinking: 'I've gotta come up wth a hobby or I'll go crazy, chasing balls and hiding them seems appropriate, they'll think I'm a dog and it's a good excuse to get away from them for awhile". Year Four: 'I'm settling into a routine, every cat that comes near me gets killed within a day or two by the skinny guy who runs around naked at night with a rifle in hand, maybe I'll stay'. Year five: 'These two kids whom have annoyed me for so long are getting big, but the chick whom still feeds me is still nice so I'll stay'. Year six: 'I'm being ignored. I get fed but everyone is going this way and that, hello.' Year seven: 'whom is this elderly person? He seems to be nice. I like elderly persons, they call him grandpa, I call him sweet.' Year eight: 'Another elderly person. This world is getting to be worth living. But he's wierd. He talks to me in a language I can understand.' Year nine: ''here's the wierd old guy again to visit me, he's not bad, looking back on it it's been a good life, with my brown eyes and being able to bend the family at will it was okay, it was a great 'dog's' life and I had a great family (I'm getting maudlin, I didn't know dogs could get maudlin)'. Year ten: It's time.

I will miss Max. Animals aren't supposed to be people, and he wasn't a people, he was much better than that.

Our Own Woodnymph(ette)

A picture of our favourite (and only) woodnymph(ette). She doesn't like close-ups obviously and she apparently shies away from the camera.

Most woodnymph(ettes) like to cavort among the flora and fauna twenty-fours hours a day, seven days a week but ours likes to work for an eye centre during the day, and only likes to cavort on weekends and vacations.

But she makes up for it. Yay haw!!!!