Friday, July 27, 2007

That is Tyler and Tiana. They are good persons. In a strange kind of way.But that is a Storm. That is good.

This is the Storm blog. Well hello, We are perfect and I presume I'm great. So I don't think I"m that grreat.

I'll pretend I'm great. Will that work?

Nighty night.

This is a good fire.

And that Shuan, he enjoyed it. That is me in the background wondering if im going to be left.

When one goes on a canoe trip, one loses ones' comb. A fork only comes in handy when one loses ones comb which is annoying. If I didn't know that was me, I'd think this pic of me is an alien of an unknown universe whom has a Bud and has a stash of mustard next to him.

I think Julie had a good time on the canoe trip. And isn't that what it is all about? The Storms do attract something don't they. Natural disasters and bees. If I see one more bee that isn't beneficial to life I'm going to kill it.
By the way I have more misquitto bites per square inch of skin than any one else.