Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It's +3 this morning. Finally. I survived. Now we just need the snow to disappear so I can think about biking.

An e-mail received from Jimmy:

"Don't worry I know you're a weirdo, you will get here, and we may find a way to spread your booze-soaked ashes into the river,we will wait until last day as your ashes will go into the States, and no one will suspect such a deeveeoouuusss crime, any last will and testiments should be done now, but fear not there will be no pain, it will appear as a boating accident, being that is was an accident you got into the canoe with Kevin, yes hopefully everyone gets to say their goodbyes, love Jim, the accidental murderous bastard."

Booze-soaked ashes? I resent that. Slightly pickled perhaps.