Sunday, March 26, 2006

The B.C. Water

Grandfathers-to-be are popping up all over. There seems to a problem. We don't know yet whether Jim and Ger are granddad material. They will of course have to change their lifestyle. No more booze and tokes.

This is a "before" pic taken years ago on a Saturday night when they were celebrating Father's Day (that's Jim on the right). When Brandy and Kristin have their children, Jim and Ger are going to celebrate by attending the Old People Anonymous dance at the Legion Hall. It's held every other Monday afternoon to accomodate those that need to be in bed my seven o'clock. They will have a mentor to confide in, namely their aged Uncle Don. Unfortunately he won't be much help because he'll be drinking beer, having a toke and biking around Yahk as he continues his quest of finding the source of the Goat River.

(editor's note: the above was written by Dan, Don's evil twin. Don of course isn't stupid and he looks forward to having the tent made for him, and whom hopefully won't throw up before he goes canoing this year)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Canoe Trip

It was actually Kev's idea but I was certainly quite willing to participate. Kev said: "would an exploding nuclear warhead draw anyone's attention on this canoe trip?". As I sipped my beer and toked my toke I lazily asked: "what megatonne is it?" "19". "is that celcius or fehrenheit?". "celcius". "well then it can't hurt". "hey Kev, that's not bad can we do this every year?".

(editor's note: the ash you see include particles of the funny hats (thank good gawd), jim, ger, Engineer Bob (a freight train happened to be going by) , Anita, Brenda, Karri, Tyler, Jennifer, Colin and all of our campground.

Friday, March 17, 2006

From the Recent Archives

We all know Colin has had his up and downs. This was not one of his better days. He meant well...he was just trying to pilfer the best Christmas tree in the history of mankind. What happened was that him, Tyler and Kevin decided to get up really early on December 19 of 2002 and drive around the flats to find a really good one.

Kevin saw this beautiful tree farm and so they decided to really get up close so he wouldn't have to walk much. And so they did. Unfortunately the tree farmer had alarms placed on a scarecrow dressed up as Santa. It was quite an exciting pursuit and Colin missed the owner by inches but did hit the Santa head on.

Tyler took this picture of Colin just before the RCMP were due to arrive and just after Kevin caught a ride home from Huscroft.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Storm Family Mascot

Most families don't have a mascot. The Storm clan does. This mascot was recruited mainly because of its nose. It is large and it can smell. And its glasses can see through pretensiousness. And the white hair is a bonus in order to add an air of quiet civility. The mascot has several useful purposes: It can be paired with anyone, in any game, and everyone knows that the mascot's partner will lose; the mascot will appreciate every meal it is fortunate enough to be served and will treat the meal with the reverance it deserves; the mascot's eyes will glaze over quite often around Kevin's table because the mascot will have no idea what anyone is talking about; the mascot will wonder who born Gerald because he really is funny; and finally the mascot will look at Jim with respect as always.