Sunday, December 03, 2006

The canoe trip in a parallel universe

Of course Germain took this pic, which is why it is fuzzy. That is Lydia Bunwich and Karl Coleman on the far left of the picture. Them of whom bought a new canoe which wanted to keep a distance from the rest of the 'canoeists' (using the term tremendously loosely). Why are they dressed in black in the middle of summer? At least they are wearing shorts. To their immediate left is the twins: Kranky and Dinky Whiteskin of the Semiold tribe. Although their tribal traditions date back thousands of years, Kranky and Dinky were cast out of the tribe because they couldn't stand being out in the sun (not a good thing since the chieftan was Roycoma, The Sun God).

Next to Kranky and Dinky is the noted seer Kassandra Gerulcer. She must be, she saw her life flash before her eyes just before she plopped into the river. Kassandra also enjoys angling, not for fish but for blue eyeglass straps. Kassandra is also the only person I know who can tap dance in a canoe. And then there is Coolhand Bud and his sexy moll Jezabel Babyduck. Great people but have you noticed they have a tendency to tipple when they are in a canoe? Not topple, tipple. Although if they tipple too much they will topple. But they never topple they just tipple, it's Coolhand and Jezabel.

Moving on to Babs Jokester and Jasper Stillwater, Jr., they were the veterans. Of what I have no idea, possibly being boring. Although Babs did her best to fool Dinky. And Jasper, lets just say I wouldn't want to be lost in the middle of Banff with him, the town of Banff, not the park, gawd forbid. A highlight of course was Jeremiah Strawhatson and Shalome Cuteinksy. Jeremiah made a good breakfast although I made sure I wasn't the first one to start eating (Jeremiah's father, Germain would have poisoned me I'm sure) and Shalome was checking us out. Obviously, somehow, incredibly, beyond comprehension, and wow, Jeremiah and Shalome are having a baby. I have a name picked out if anyone is asking: John or Jane Doe.

And last but definitely not the least: Anastasia Goodheart and her son Tecumseh. Kranky Whiteskin married Anastasia Goodheart and so Tecumseh's full name is Tecumseh Whiteskin-Goodheart. Anastasia has royalty in her blood and Kranky also has ROYalty in his blood. And with Coolhand Bud as his brother and Roy The Sun God as his grandfather and Germain and Dinky as his uncles..oh and Jeremiah as his cousin, Tecumseh should be happy.

(Editor's note: Uncle Don would normally delete the above but he'll leave for now)

I really like this picture. Karri in a quiet moment. Of course Ger is irritated beyond belief behind the camera: 'the mountains aren't lit up enough, that's a poor excuse for a fire, my back hurts, did we bring the Tums? It's still a nice pic.

Look at this pic at your peril. If you are blinded by the light coming off Bob's forehead it's not my fault. This picture was taken in England. In a pub I assume. Lorraine captured the essence of Bob.

The famous Balzac Gas Plant (mainly because Bob works there). Look at the sky, I bet it was cold when Bob took this pic.

New pics from Bob - the kids

Yay, I can post pics again (I needed to delete my cache which I found out from reading the Google blog forum). If Theo isn't the cutest kid in the history of mankind I don't know who is. But of course so are Zack and Olivia.

Anyone whom wants to send me the cd U218Singles for Christmas one maym. I'd like that. It's amazing how quickly Kev agreed that I shouldn't come down for Christmas. Did he really need to whoop it up with his hand over the phone? If the Storm Blog even survives December 25th it will be a miracle. I wouldn't think so. It gets a little tougher to be alone at this time of year as I get older. I should be so used to it by now.

This weekend I talked to Ger, Bob and Kev. It was totally my pleasure to do so.