Saturday, November 24, 2007

I like this pic. Okay I look grumpy. Someone had to be grumpy in this picture. Justin, Robin, Col, Kev, Ty, Ger and Jim were all annoying me at this point in time I'm sure. I was thinking I could move to Swaheleland and be happier. Or not.

I forgot I had these pics on my computer. That was a good weekend. Note that Kevin and I worked while others relaxed. I know what Julie was thinking: Where am I? Kerry was standing on the railroad tracks waiting for a train to come by probably to catch it or get run over by it. And note Ger. He was carrying the beer cooler and I was following close behind. And let me guess what Kevin was thinking: Oh gawd, the car part is beckoning, I think I'll kill myself but first I'm going to have a lot of alcohol.

As a paid-up member of the Storm Clan (well the oldest), I hereby proclaim a proclamation. We all get a day off tomorrow. Kevin doesn't. He was a bad boy. Most of us do: What spikey-haired kid was the youngest ever to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1990? And what rail route, started in 1983, made its last trip from Paris to Istanbul in 1977.

Safety hints from Uncle Don:

Are you kidding? I'm an accident waiting to happen: stay away from sharp objects, use discretion when talking to Ger; don't use Kevin as a guide; only ask Julie a question if you know the answer; and if you ask Jim a question, be patient because it's going to take a while to get the answer.

By the way, I"m overseeing the clan. You have to change your lifestyle completely. Jim is going to become an accountant, Ger is going to become a gigalo, Julie is going to manage the account of Bill Gates and Kevin will move to Kenya and manage their wildlife cemtre/

Good luck!

There are several persons who need to be on this blog: Shawn and Logan. I'm fairly good at judging persons and they are the best.

In the Storm family, I hope we don't judge. Nice kids I think. I love them and that is all I care about. The black and white photo is my tribute to.....something.

Agh, eek, and a double whammy,

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I'm assessing the damages: A dog has peed twice on my carpet, Col came and went, Ger and Kev talked about work, Julie and Karry arrived and Ger and Julie were annoying while me and Karry kept our heads about us. Yet Ger and Julie kept talking: "we'll go to Cuba or Mexico" Sixteen hundred times they said this.

I'm not saying that Ger and Julie aren't annoying. Well yes I am actually. They are good people until you have to spend time with them. So when I'm kicked out of here someome is going to have to look after me.

So I have set up regulations when coming over:

I can't think of any but...I know one!

Don't foreget that I'm here.

Probably won't happen

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Couln't hazard a guess. There is a problem with Shawn. I want all of us to figure out what it is and stop it. He probably is the instigator but we can't have that. Nope

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Well hello everyone (if anyone is still checking out the blog). I've moved to downtown Creston into a nice one bedroom apartment overlooking the beautiful Royal Canadian Legion building. Well if not beautiful, at least historic (old in other words). A lot has happened since my last blog in August. A new job, a new apartment, a new pain (I think it's in my lower thromboid cortosis area) and hi-speed internet.

Take care everyone, I love you all.