Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is a pic after we'd strewn Roy's ashes into the Moyie River during the canoe trip. Just after this we hit a logjam. Which me and Kevin got through and then watched Jim and Brenda's canoe belongings float down the river. We jiggered about on the river and saved most of them but our hearts were heavy when we had to paddle up the river in order to reach the rest of the 2007 crew.

Kevin said it's only going up to 16 above on Sunday. Which means we could have one hell of a big thunderstorm on Saturday. I think God (or Roy, or Anna, or John Miller, or Marlene) are having a great time and they just want to remind us that they were pretty good too. And Bob is going to be here. And Jim and Ger and Kev and Julie. Not me. I'm packing my bags. Tuktoyuktuck is good at this time of the year. Death Valley is looking good. The Sahara Desert will be an oasis. Iceland will be my summer home.

And since I'll be the eldest Storm, I charge $5.00 for insights, $6.00 for bright ideas and $999.00 to pick my brain, hopefully with a laser and not a sledgehammer. I also get to pick the games. Four persons in a sack while I pour acid on them while beating them with a crowbar; betting on how long it will take Jim to die while swinging from a noose; having Ger's thyroid gland removed in order to use him as the 'silent talker'; having Kevin appear in proverty-stricking Ethiopia just to show them that we have skeletal persons too; and having Julie just smile. Which means we should head for the hills, mountains, whatever. High altitudes is good. Anywhere to jump from. Preferrably with a good footing. When I jump I do like to have good footing.

With some trepidation I look forward to this coming weekend. My bod is already starting to get into the cacoon stage. I'll have to look after you people. You won't let me, which I resent. If an emergency arises I'll be there: "Uncle Don, you have your head in the sand" "Who got hurt?" "you don't know the child" "is it related to me?" "No, close but not related" "is there blood?" "a little but we cleaned it up". "where am I?" "in relation to what?" "my bed" "that depends" "on what?" "how close you want your bed to be, we are in a forest and I hear coyotes" "who am I talking to?" "Roy and Anna" "oh gawd what did I do now" "we have a bone to pick" "still?" "yes, you had unfinished business when you left for all those years but now we need you to keep the family together" "I don't have the capabilities nor the resources" "you'll find a way" "no I won't" "I've just noticed lately that Kevin is annoying" "you have to get over that" "everytime Jim, Ger, Julie and Kevin can spray me with some toxic waste or even water they do, it get's annoying, although Julie doesn't do it that much, and Justin does it, Col does it, Tyler does it, Jen does it" "you'll get over it" "Anita is annoying sometimes but great"

"you will survive, Don" How?" "be yourself and let things happen, for you it usually does" "this time I will be surprised" "We'll see but thank you for loving our family as much as you do".