Saturday, August 26, 2006


Wow, Bob sent me this picture before I had a blog. Aren't Lorraine, Jen, Anita, Jen, Col, and Ty cute. As regards Bob and Roy.....they'd make great sumo wrestlers, and they look like they are from Saskatchewan. Not that their is anything wrong with that. And Kev is lying low. That is when I am afraid.


Several great sites/blogs everyone should visit:


I added to the don-book today. Scary. My mind has more in it than I thought. It is so nice to write about my past. Much of it is even beyond Roy because he wasn't there at the time. Interesting, I could write about the era of living on Goat River bottom for a long time. Even then I kept my mind open and observed (sub-conciounsly).

Thank you

Hi Kev

Could you get Ty or Julie to take some pictures of all you guys and send them to me. Make sure every is in it, individually and as a group. Especially you, Anita, Roy, Ty and Col and Jen. If you can, I would appreciate it.

And Ger, I need pics of Justin and you and Karri. Pics of Creston with you guys in them would be great. This is crazy but if someone could take a pic of the house that I lived in next to Centennial Park, wow. Next time I come down there, I'm going to get Roy to take me out and I'll take pictures of all the parts of Creston Valley that were important to me when I was growing up. Some of them aren't even there any more (the sawmill, the high school).