Friday, February 16, 2007

Weekend weather forecast

Well, that was quite a week weather-wise in Southern Ontario. Monday and Tuesday could have been the coldest days in the history of mankind. Wednesday I woke up to a lot of snow and a blizzard which lastest all day (I was a happy camper that day). And yesterday was sunny but colder than the dark side of Pluto. Today it's getting up to -4 and by Monday it is supposed to be +1, with rain and +3 forecast for Tuesday. Yay.

But whippee-effing-do, Calgary is going to be +10 and sunny on Sunday. Hello. And Cranbrook is going to be +8 and sunny on Saturday and today in Creston it's going to be +7 and sunny. What the hell? Something's wrong here. And even in Winnipeg it's going to be +4 on Sunday. When it's warmer in Winnipeg than where I live, I know I'm doomed. Where's my noose? (I'm going to have it engraved with my initials on it) Where's a rafter?