Friday, July 28, 2006


I rather doubt that anyone want's to hear about my life but funny things happen. I happened to swerve a bit last night on my bike on the way home from having sixteen beers at a friends in Etobicoke. This car with rap music blaring from it pulls up along beside me: "Mista you fine, you cool, you drive?" "yes, I'm actually almost home, I should be walking but I'm in a hurry". "Yeh, we gots ya, we know, but you lose some skin and the mutha might worry, ya know, how miles ya got to go?". "Parliament and Wellesley Street". "We going that way, jump in, the bike there, you are and old man, what you doin' out here?" "I would have made it easily all the way the home, how are you are you guys doing, you got it cool, thanks for the lift, but I would have made it"