Friday, October 13, 2006


I know Roy is The Great, Great, Grand Poobah Of All Time and he is proving it. He's met another Marge. And they are in Penticton having fun presumably. Kind of odd, at this moment Roy is in Penticton, Bob is in Poland and I am in Toronto.

That is being apart geographically for sure. Were any three boys so different? Not many. But maybe because I'm the middle one, I can enjoy seeing and relish them from afar and know that their lives are going well.

I guess we are getting up to be old men now but I don't think one of us thinks we are. Not even close. Not even close. We won't be taken away lightly.
Editor's note: Uncle Don also thinks that the dodo bird is still alive and kicking.

The weather in Toronto

For some reason, Toronto has only two seasons: hot and cold. I biked to work today and the temperature was +1 and there was a howling breeze. Against me of course. I've never quite figured it out but in the morning the wind is coming from the West into my face and then sometime during the day it always changes direction and comes from the East when I'm biking home. Hank Williams wrote a song about my day today I believe:

Hear that lonesome whipper-wind
It's going to make me fly
The whining wind is gearing up
I'm so cold that I could die

I've never seen a wind so strong
When I can only crawl
The sun just went behind the cloud
To hide it's face and cry

Did you ever hear an uncle weep
When the wind begins to rise
That means I've lost the will to live
I'm so cold that I could die

The swiftness of the rising wind
freezes up my ruddy cheeks
As I wonder how long I've got
Before I lay down and die.
Editor's note: not many persons combine Hank Williams and the weather in the same blog posting. Uncle Don does apologize to all Hank William's' fans and to all the %#%^$$^ weathermen/women across the country.