Saturday, September 16, 2006


This picture says it all. This is a great, great picture. Actually this picture makes my day, week, month and year and maybe the century. I love everyone in the world. All persons, everyone. In the history of mankind. So everyone can tell me I'm good for nothing. If someone was threatening me with an uzi and I had to tell someone who whom my favourite persons might be, it might be these three. Proba bly not much doubt about that. I pretty well think they know that too.

The string theory

In spite of these two dregs from society, there is a way to treat younger persons. Treat them with respect.

Even these two. Which is tough. Hello. See all the hustle and bustle in the background? They are ignoring it, yay my people. Where was I by the way? I don't see me. Shouldn't I have been somewhere in the picture?

My theory is that the first canoe trip is great. The second one is the best....and it only get's better. But of course the young persons have to deal with the old persons (like Ger and Kev). Whom are loony. Hello. No not really, seeing Col drive up that hill to try to straighten his bumper was rather exciting and everything worked out.

My theory is that a lot of work goes in to the canoe weekend. For the rest of the year one can leave, but not then, put up with the foibles of our family, sit back and enjoy it. But of course if we all did that it wouldn't be fun. Continue on. Do what you do.

And of course one of the great things about the canoe weekend was Justin. I was impressed. But the thing is don't worry about the old persons. They are crazy Hello. They need a little outing once a year. If Ger can't get annoyed at Karri and Kev can't hide under a tire at least once a year then the string will be broken. Maybe one of my fave times during the weekend was listening to Ger talk about Karri. Maybe one has to travel 5000 km's to appreciate how funny that is. And Kevin of course. And Jim. I hesitate to say anything but I must. Enjoy every moment of it. Hello. Col might have tried to impress me and he did (see pic above). My theory is: like father like son. I don't know why persons in the family have sudden urges to impress me. I wouldn't bother, the pain is worse than the gain.


I may be moving to Vancouver soon. Not sure I can take another winter in Toronto. I don't think so.


I try. But it was Cummings not Riondel where Leo had his 70th. This is Devon of course. Who is going to be 21 in June.
May I just quietly kill myself. I remember Neil when he was an annoying young person who didn't mind me too much. It doesn't seem that long ago.
I'm going to bike a lot today. Or kill myself, one of the two.
Amazing really.