Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas was good. My family is too good to me in every which way. It's a little overwhelming. I was completely surrounded by the persons I love the most. Even Louie loved me.

Roy and Anna? "yes don" "Can I make a few suggestions on the way you should have brought up your kids, you born them" "Roy is napping at the moment but I'll listen to you" "Anna, Jimmy has a problem". "with what?" "he really hasn't grown up" "that's bad?" "no it isn't and I've never, ever seen him without a smile and I've never heard him say anything bad about anyone" "so what did we do wrong?" "okay I'll give you that, the first one turned out okay, it was a fluke". "Ger seems okay don" "Ger thinks you and Roy ignored him because he wasn't the first" "that's a misconception, I was just a little tired after lugging him around and we took him everywhere, I should have gotten a medal, I didn't have the energy to take pictures" "I don't have to tell this but Anna he's more like me than anyone else" "I should have killed him" "no, meaning he's kind, generous and wierd" "that would be you" "hmm, I remember that you guys were were great parents, so why did you have any more?" "we wanted a girl" "Kevin isn't a girl" "no he isn't" "were you disappointed Anna?" "I was a bit" "So Anna why did you let him get away with pretty well anything he wanted to?" "normally I didn't, they didn't get away with a lot and they worked their asses off but you know Don, you have to give them leeway and Kevin took it like no other kid could do." "and to watch them think they could out-scheme us was fun"

"And then you had Julie, was that fun?" "no it wasn't but it was worth it" "in what way?" "Roy had a daughter and I was finished raising kids" "Anna, my mother held Julie and my mother was a saint" "Don, Julie has been through it all and she's raised three great kids" "and Anna, she's back with who she should be with"

"And how were my sons and daughter on this christmas day?" "well Anna you get them all together with Anita, Kerri, Karry and Brenda and it's going to be a good time. Along with the kids. It's loud, boisterious and tremendously noisy" "but I'm home, and they all make feel so at home, you and Roy would be proud of them"

"we are playing ping pong up here" "okay I'll kill myself and join you soon"

Yay hah,