Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The family "gathering"

Wow. The great grand poobah got to see Laurie and Robert, Robin and Karen, Bob and Lorraine, Jim, Brenda and Jaimie, Justin and Shayna and Brant. Julie and Kerry and the boys, Dawn and Stacey and family, Ger and Kerri (albeit briefly) and many, many others. I kind of enjoy being in the background and see it all unfold. Well at least I try to be in the background but that doesn't always work.

It was kind of cold on Sunday. Guess who I shared a blanket with? Laurie's Robert, I must admit I didn't think that would ever happen. Bob, Craig, Kevin and the usual suspect (me) stayed up late. After pleading with Bob to go to bed and succeeding, I had to convince Craig to go to bed: "craig" 'yes unce don?" "go to bed" "kevin is still talking" "kevin?" "would you shut up, Craig has to go to bed, I just got Bob to bed, I'm the great, grand poobah, you have to follow my orders"

And then there is the horseshoe thing. After playing against and losing to Robin, I was depressed for several moments. But after watching Anita and Julie demolish them, I resumed my former cheery self. I won't mention any statistics but on Monday, Julie and myself were undefeated and I closed with a ringer and later that day I won darts with a double two out. And tonight I won the game of trouble against Kevin and Anita. I'm clearly on a roll.

Presumably every person in the history of mankind will want to be my partner in the future. "don?" "yes Queen Elizabeth?" "will you be my partner in bridge?" "certainly, how do you play it?" "snooker?" "yay, is that played in an arena with racquets?" "croquet?" "of course, if I can bring my putter".

I have to win once in a while. The great grand poobah has an inferiority complex which needs assuaging by winning. And I note that not one of my family is willing to do a "one for the gipper". 99.999999999999% of families would be quite willing to let the great grand poobah win. Except mine. So every victory I get is well earned.

Not that I'm complaining. I suppose. Well yes I am, you all could be a little more thoughtful of my feelings. Let me win, remember I won't be around a long time so build up my feelings of superiority towards everyone and it will a perfect match. I win, you lose. A win-win situation. And if I do happen to outlive you all, I'll make a memorial. And I'll play Taps in memorium to you all, the losers. Yay hah.

Take care you all. I love you.