Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Well I survived the storm of the century. I didn't think I'd ever see trees flattened like matchsticks. Thank gawd Jim had a chain saw. The blue tarp was ripped off like a rip saw and we stood agape as the forest collapsed around us. Some ran for cover in the open field but a lot of us just stood there and watched tree after tree fall.

I've been through a scary thing or two. So we set off canoeing after that and it was pouring rain Saturday morn. But we did it. Saturday was good, more or less. Ger spilled. If I have to be a baby-sitter it wouldn't be good. Jim spilled. I have to look after him to?

An update on my relationship with Kev and Anita. I'm more or less taking over. Kevin is not capable of functioning as a human being, much less as a father and husband. I've been here two weeks and and I could write a book.

I'm gaining weight. I didn't want to gain weight. I think Bob and Lorraine and Stacy and Dawn are coming down, and children. I hear there might be a family reunion after the long weekend in August but I don't know. Might I note my headache? My headache is worse than most. It pounds.

But I love you all but some I might want to kill some. Those that annoy me are gone immediatlely. I'l use those bods as sources of agony. those that are within throwing distance of being normal but yet slightly abnormal. I'll preserve: uncle don? what? You can't pickle Robin. If he annoys me, I promise I can.

I honest to gowd don't think I will survive. You guys are all so good to me and I don't think I deserve it. Can't wail to see you.