Friday, September 22, 2006

An optical illusion

I presume it is an optical illusion that it is Friday. I hope not. I took a new route home from work on my bike tonight. I enjoy seeing parts of TO that I never have seen before in my twenty-some years of living here. Of course the problem being is that I'm in rush hour traffic so I don't get a lot of chances to look around and gawk at the surroundings. I guess because I leave for work at 7am and Toronto is a 9-5 city but gawd the difference between biking to work and biking home is quite different. Up until a couple of weeks ago I enjoyed the bike to work more because it was a hell of a lot more peaceful (a lot less traffic). It's been a subtle and gradual change but now I enjoy the bike home more. I don't think that is particularly a good thing. I'm kind of getting to be a maniac on two wheels (if it's possible for a sixty-year old person to be a maniac). Of course many cyclists still wizz by me It doesn't bother me too much really. I'm not great, speed-wise, at going up the three steep hills that I encounter going to and from work. But fewer cyclists are passing me now. Not bad, I guess, for a sixty-one year old guy who loves his family from afar. Which is not a bad thing. I could of course just catch a bus out there on the spur of the moment and arrive on one of my family member's doorsteps: "hi, it's moi" "whom?" "moi" "hi uncle don, are you passing through?". "not really, I'm here to stay" "where?" "here" "for how long?" "forever" "forever?" "well at least until I pass away" "how long will that be?" "my heart is palpalating so it could be any minute now"
If you click on any of these pics you will get a full-screen image of course. For me, the bottom one is the wierdest. Not a thing moves, but it moves. I may be an optical illusion actually. I feel that way sometimes.