Sunday, December 17, 2006

The curmudgeon cadre club

I got this e-mail from a friend. It made my weekend because I always think I'm alone in dissing current culture. I guess I'm not.

'who the #$%# is Lindsay Lohan ? and who the #%$# cares ?
all I know is she's been in A.A. for a year ...., and she's probably ~ 17 ?
am I losing touch with popular culture ? good !
sign me up in your club Don .... "the curmudgeon cadre" ; guess I'm getting old.


How-to book

It sometimes is nice to talk to Kevin. Once or twice in one's lifetime one gets him in a good mood on the phone and he is okay. But he puts up with his uncle: "Kevin you have a deranged uncle" "I know" "he should be put away" "I know" "have you noticed he has suicidel tendencies?" "I know" "and he thinks you are annoying" "I know" "not to mention he doesn't think you are that great, in fact his expectations of you are not that high" "I know" "what is your threshold of pain?" "low" "what are your dreams?" "high" "when an uncle, whom shall remain nameless, beats you in cards and darts what will you do?" "kill" kill?" "kill" "not maim?" "kill" "can the unnamed uncle protest?" "no" "can he have a last meal?" "yes"

And of course I worry about Ger. I worry about his back. Maybe I shouldn't but I do. By the way, if anyone wants to have the three greatest persons in the history of mankind on their side, I'm writing a how-t0 book. In the remote chance you might run into them (you are walking through a jungle and Kevin/Jim/Ger should appear) this guide is for youm. I'm kind of an expert. Kind of an expert? Hello. This may not sell a lot but I think the world needs a "how-to" book on Kev/Jim/Ger.

But not today, my mind is working though. Take care everyone.

Love you all.