Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kara's graduation pic from last year

I remember my grad pic. I wasn't quite as cute as Kara, or Neil for that matter. We won't talk about Kim.
Graduating was different in 1964. The music was different, I'm not sure the Beach Boys had arrived on the scene yet.
Roger Williams, my best friend, picked me up at my house next to Centennial Park (before it was Centennial Park) in his 1949 black Chevy.
"Rog?" "yes Don?" "we are nerds (I can't remember what the word for nerd was then) and we are going to West Creston and drink all night before we graduate?" "we have to, it's the custom" "but our graduating class is composed of all snobs but us" "we have to make an appearance" It worked out, in fact that was one of the most enjoyable times I've ever had. One realized that probably one would never see a lot of them again and it was easy to bond, at least for that night. The subsequent rites and fests of the actual graduation ceremonies were important but having that get together of only the grads was nice.

This is a picture of Kara in South Dakota and Keegan in Yellowstone Park when the family was on a camping trip last summer. Cool.