Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wierd People

Yay Loretta. Her and Karrie are normal. They like to canoe. They like to get on the river and canoe and take it all in (yes I see Justin, he's cute) The bald eagle, the moose, they even paddled (what is the difference between an oar and a paddle by the way?).

Jim likes to think that the July long weekend is an outdoor adventure. It is that. But when me and Kevin canoe by the crowd because it's too raucous, you know it's a party too.

Being from Toronto and living the hustle and bustle, it would not be a bad thing to experience the quietude of the Moyie and just listening to nature. So far it hasn't happened. Which is a good thing of course.

But a couple of canoes (at the most) and peace and quiet would be nice too someday. Just me and the river and a bald eagle. When I bike to work I think how nice that would be.


I don't know why I look stunned. Apparently stunned is my natural pose. And I never take my shirt off, it must have been really hot that day. Is that Shayna? She is so cute. Yay. I just realized something. I'm whiter than Kev. Kev looks bronzed next to me. I guess the biking thing working. That is slightly heartening. This week I made another hole in my belt so my pants stay up.

I put off the doctor's appointment again until next month. I think I was supposed to go in April and I keep putting it off. What is she going to tell me? I presume it will be quit smoking, drinking beer and ogling young women. I have to have a bit of fun don't I? I suppose if I have to I can quit the beer and cigarettes. If my eyes go then I jump off the nearest tall building.

I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't at least remember one of these pictures being taken. I don't remember Ger even having a camera with him. I remember him talking. That I remember. Ger seems to have the inordinate talent of capturing uncles in wierd poses.