Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another branch of the Storm family is Jen. I like people who like the colour black. I get along with them pretty good.

I can't imagine a life without Karri-woman, Kerry-man, Jen, Tiana, Anita, and Brenda. They are all great.

Before I get into trouble I'm going to bed. Yes it was nice to see you all together and planning a trip. To possibly imagine Jim, Ger, Kevin and Julie together on a holiday is something I thought I'd never see.

You all deserve it so much, being a Storm is not easy because we aren't normal. And I know everyone has got their own ideas of what is fun. But think of what you have been through and realize that it's now or never: Jim is going to get the flu, Kevin's blood will be smeered about, Ger's fist will be aching and Julie will be dancing with the band. Maybe not in that order but pretty well.

I guess I love you four a little bit. I just wish Roy and Anna could have given you better manners. No not really, they did good. They could have done so much better. Sometimes I've wanted to kill you all and drop you from a skyscraper but I always had my mothers genes in me which said: If you kill them you'll go to prison; which held me back somewhat. If I had to choose, I'd kill Kevin and Jim first. Get them out of the way and then concentrate on Julie and Ger. I'm not good at holding a grudge so I'll just garrrott them in their sleep and be on my way.

Of course I have to eat well, I've got more planning to do. Julie can cook and Ger can cook and Jim cook. Kevin is useless. He's gone, and then I'll decide.

Thanks all, I love you.

uncle d

Pictured are the survivors of the trip to Mexico. They washed up on shore and a fisherman phoned me and said: "Senor I've got three people who washed ashore and they gave me your number" "Their names?" "Julee, Karee and Neetee" "I don't recognize those names, are they cute?" "No Senor"

"are they annoying?" "si"

"are they loud?" "si"

"how much are you going to give me for taking them? "many pesos" "how many?" "millions" "billions?" "si"

Two carpenters

Carpenters are actually people. It took me a while to realize that. I always thought they were monks with hammers. The gentlemen in this picture are not monks nor have I actually seen them with a hammer.
Just a hint: Don't ask them about saws, they'll go on forever, they aren't bad people.

This is one branch of the Storm family. I'd normally turn them in and collect the reward money but Cody the Cat is in the picture so won't.
This branch of the family likes to live in small towns and thrives in the underbrush. The alpha male on the left particularly likes to fall off his chair and annoy everyone as do baboons, monkeys, etc.
There is the neanderthals and then there is this group of humanoids. I'd take the neanderthals most of the time. Although this branch of the family is cute, they are very dangerous. Approach with caution.