Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tyler does this and it is very good. But the next few weeks should be good. Except for me. Have chloroform ready. All I can do is be nice. That is what I do.
Ger seems to be ignoring me. And others. But I'm here for a little while. Not much longer so don't annoy me. I'm a true representative of the Storms. Well, the oldest. I'm not that good. I'm ready to kill actually. I'd like to use most of my kin as kindling. Which would work out well. I don't do the burning at the stake (unless it's necessary and needed to be used as a deterent to normality).
Take care you all. I haven't seen Justin, Hello. Ger is gone. Jim is a distant memory. Col hates me. Tyler is insane. Julie is far away, and Kevin is on patrol on the waterline" Well, I'm getting a complex. "uncle don?" "what?" "does anyone love you?" "nope" "someone does" "none of my family apparentely" "Cody does" "that's a cat, by the way the strangest cat I've ever seen, I may kill him" "he's your only friend, you can't kill Cody"
Perhaps I can. But probably not.