Friday, December 07, 2007

So things are coming out about moi that I didn't know about. Kevin says I tend to fly off the handle when things don't go my way (e.g. doing my seat belt up). Oh yeah, I don't have much patience with seat belts. And both Anita and Kevin say I'm a poor loser. Possibly. I might throw things. But really, I don't know of anyone whom likes to lose. I just take it a little harder than most. Show me a good loser and I'll show you an idiot. When I'm 99.5 years old I'm still going to hate losing (when I'm 100 I'll mellow out).

Saw Justin and Shayna's child tonight. Cutest kid in the history of mankind. And Karri. She is so good to me. And Ger, what a nice (and certainly odd) nephew.

Uncle D's Top Ten Annoyances:

10. Slow drivers (I don't mind slow drivers that much)

09. Clerks in Overwaitea that talk while 6,000 persons are waiting in line.

08. Anita, whom says she is patient, isn't on the road. Hello. See Kevin below.

07. Kevin who will at the drop of a hat resorts to violence when confronted with slow drivers (if you have to be with him in a vehicle, batten the hatches, several times, while driving he's turned the lights off and scared me to death which he seems to enjoy, I get so angry. See guillitine instructions below). I'm putting a time bomb in his stocking which will go off when he tries to scare me again.

06. Tyler, see above altough he's a little bit better. At least he doesn't turn his headlights off in the dark.

05. Colin, see above, although Colin is a little bit better. He hasn't injured me yet. When one is with Colin be prepared for anything. He's a clutz. But he's cute clutz.

04. Guillitine instructions: Put a black head cover over head. Put a muzzle into mouth of guillitinee so the screaming doesn't disrupt the frenzied crowd. Check rope for frays. Sharpen guillitine. Drop guillitine on neck. Pick up the head and display it to the frenzied mob. Put both head and body in a box and take it to morgue. Go home to wife and have a pleasant supper.

03. Walmart, that place is not my thing, never will be.

02. Duke the dog. But he's coming around so I'm sure he will be okay.

01. Me.