Friday, August 11, 2006


Although he can be very, very annoying, Robin isn't that bad. He look's after water, pretend's he knows something about hockey and he likes to think he has some idea about garlic. Actually he know about garlic, wow (see above pic).

Here is of him and Karen at Leo's 70th birthday party. Robin wanted to surround himself with a lot of wine bottles. He realized he is getting old too so he'd better drink up.

Karen, the nicest person in the history of mankind, somehow manages to put up with him. Of course Karen didn't see him in his early age (really early age): Gerry's body was huge and he had a small head and Robin had a big head and a small body. It all worked out, but I wondered at the time. Hello. And they both turned out to be deadbeats, so it's impossible to judge.

Actually Robin has been a good friend for a while, as well as a relative. Someone I can e-mail with no hesitation.

In usison: clap, clap, clap.