Friday, July 21, 2006

Hi Justin

I"m doing well. Well not that bad. I enjoyed hugging you in a broad, relatively relative kind of way. I have no idea but you and Col seem to be my kind of people. Although if I must pick and choose I would choose others. You guys get me which you should completely worry about.

May I muse and/or speculate? That was silly, stupid and/or rather inane about trying to fix Colin's bumper that way. I was slightly agog but certainly not surprised. Guess what? They born you. They didn't do anything like that. Now that they are middle-aged they forget what they did. What really annoyed me was canoeing down a river with Kev whom seemed rather conservative. I'm afraid. I'm really afraid. You and Col gotta uphold the Storm Clan mystique because obviously Kev, Ger and Jim are getting too old to do that. Very disappointed in Kev. I remember when he was game for anything, in his prime he was the numero uno. But he doesn't have it any more unfortunately. It's tragic really to see a great one collapse. Be nice to him if you can Justin, pat him on the back and pretend to sympathize. And then there is Ger. Well, ignore him if you can. I've only got a few people left. I assume when I move down there you and Col will keep me remotely interested in life. Which should be interesting because you guys have no idea about life in general.

I'm kidding of course, but I am not kidding about Kev. All my life I've looked up to him and he's boring now. If my bod will allow me, I'm not finished with the thought of biking across Canada. No one should underestimate me.