Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hey, my blog just got it's 1,000th hit. Who would have thought?
I'm making spaghetti for supper so I'm into the vino. The beer certainly wasn't going down very well. And the 'Nucks are playing and Terry Rendek phoned and said I don't have to work tomorrow, so life is good. I still have Christmas wrapping to do but I'll do it tomorrow.

I talked to Jim and Brenda last night, it had to be about midnight when they phoned and I have no idea what we talked about. I was up at Kevin's last night and got a ride home with Colin. What a nice new truck he bought, unbelievable.

I had lunch at Jimmy's Pub today and ran into Robin and Karen. They were there with their hockey teams but I did talk to Robin for a bit. They are all going to Donna's for Christmas Dinner. I guess Neil is trying to arrange a ski outing to Fernie in February and Robin would like it if Jim, Kevin, Julie, and Ger and spouses could go so he will probably be phoning sometime in the new year.

I've had a cold or something for the last month or more and have been feeling lousy but I'm feeling better, it could my sinuses or I'm dying. It felt like it at times. Gerry survived, so I guess I will too. So what will 2008 be like for the Storm family? I'm pretty sure someone will drive off a cliff or suffer calamitous injuries of some sort. Let's try to make it until the canoe trip. I may start up a monestary and we'll live in it and never go out. We'll eat bread and drink wine while we play Trivial Pursuit all day. Actually that doesn't so bad.